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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Thank You To The Summer Blog Comment Posters

Flalady: msg for Charles: neither you nor your tarbaby wife are going to enjoy the personal character assinations coming. I suggest you take all references to flalady down immediately. dont be a fool.

To the authors of this blog: from flalady

you cannot be shamed. .... you have no pride in yourselves nor respect for others. you are obviously not heart surgeons, scientists, or diplomats (or you wouldn't have time for this drivel).

you are worth nothing to this world.so crazycajun's wish for your death is actually a blessing for you (this includes charles and the other 3 of the minions) and for us, the normal people who prefer not to toss verbal feces at each other.so DIE, charles, die! you and greeneyes should really jump in a pool of frothy acid along with any progeny you might have produced.

you have crossed lines and must really get off this planet ASAP.mark my words, the crap you are stirring up will bite your ass hard, chuckie,.Keep comments regarding Flalady to yourself or suffer similarly as we reveal piece-by-piece all of your soiled little secrets.

Regards-V... for vendetta



Most of the group here have no pic on their profiles , so I assume they are ugly as they act here. Charles its about to close this blog --shit or get off the pot.Comment moderation has been enabled that proves to me that you are scared shitless . You have a right to be,

From the Blog owner:

Listen all you peices of shit this blog will be around a very long time so get used to it.

Now I know its killing you that you can only post what I allow you to post but I also know you cant stop sending the post lol.

I will continue to show what pathetic racist you are and what hateful mother fuckers you are.

So by all means keep it coming.

Summer is slow around palshit so your post are greatly needed. Some will say dont send anymore post BUT I know you cant help yourself you are a addict and you cant stop.

So in closing I want to thank each and everyone of you dumb shits for the summer post. Hahahahahahahahahahahahah

BTW! What you see on this Page today is what palshit is all about hate and more hate. They dont give a shit what is said on the program this is what they excist for.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This lowlife peice of shit and her girlfriend crazycajun have been posting peoples personal info on blogs for years they started with nutygr8zy then sally omally and now have put my last name on my blog ( not that i really give a fuck) for me. But its time they got some back and I am just the person to do it.
I will post full name's and phone number's on this blog if I see one more personal info item
I will remove comments from my blog and post your info every fucking day
So Diane and Christine be forwarned
NOW for the person who called my home I want you to call again PLEASE
You have no idea who you are fucking with you wont be able to call without showing your caller ID.
So come on you fucking coward call lets see how big you really are. Cuss me out like you did to a woman who has nothing to do with this blog or paltalk. My guess is you wont call because like I said you are a fucking COWARD
by the way my wife reported the call to the police
I await your call douche bag

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