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Monday, August 11, 2008

More from the Nut in Fla.

falady_1: m1 is a pussy

flalady_1: m1 is brained washed

flalady_1: janette is a witch

flalady_1: she is pathetic

flalady_1: janette is a total nut

flalady_1: \threatneing to sue me hahaha

flalady_1: for telling the truth about her

flalady_1: m1 is a fool

flalady_1: I know who he is
Hugh has said that M1 has his tongue so far up Janette’s ass. He is bitching about how tanker bounced him out of his room for lowering the cam down to his crotch for tidal pool.

flalady_1: m1 had called here

flalady_1: we had it traced

flalady_1: I finally got the police report

flalady_1: the man said he was zippper

flalady_1: that is how he is

flalady_1: he is 2 faced

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