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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Will he or Wont he? I say he Wont

Tank lets make a list of the woman you have abused on paltalk









flalady ( of course now you are sucking on her tit)

BTW tank all these women are laughing at you because you are just a coward any of these women could kick the living shit out of you LOL

Now a list of the men you cower under your desk too

Me (I know your slow so me = CharlesNewYork




And the rest of the men on paltalk

You are mental tank if I were you I would seek help before its to late.
You have two blogs ( yes I read them ) that you use to attack chatters because you dont have the guts to go at it in a room. LOL

I am giving an open invitation to you tank to have your say to me in a room that is ran by anyone who can be unbias to both parties.

Lets see what kind of balls you really have tank STOP hiding in rooms and behind blogs

I am calling you out COWARD

I almost forgot get a fucking job and you can have a green room too for your 3 friends

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