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Sunday, November 30, 2008

This is Priceless

Attila fake's good wish's to Scar & matt

Attila/Dove has called scarlet everything from a bad mother to a whore but NOW she acts like she care's about her. lol

Attila you are nothing but a lieing sack of shit

If being fake were money you would be the richest person in the world

PS It must feel good that your best defender is flalady lol god you have to love it

Congrats Scar & matt

$100 to the 1st person who finds out when nanishome2000 birthday is

Monday, November 24, 2008

From The paltalk Roundup Blog

A break from the bs room... A total flop there was more bs in there then many rooms combined.

Note.... To think we can all get along is a mere dream, we need to at least understand that paltalk has so many characters from all walks of life.

First of all you wernt in my room unless you were hiding.

Second: Its your short comings if you cant spend a couple hours in a room with people you have seen on this program for years without making a total ass of yourself.

Third: I dont see how my room was a failure if someone had to make a private room to talk about my room.

Now I understand if you choose not to take part in a room but why put other's down who choose to enjoy a room once in a while without fighting , bouncing, and dotting.

You should be very proud of yourself

And BTW everything isnt political sometimes its OK to have some fun and a decent conversation with people you dont always agree with.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Go play by yourself

I will let the obsessed Attila/The lonesomedove play by herself for a while have fun.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Attila/ Dove you are dumber then I thought

You did just what we wanted you to do Publish the full PM you saved and sent to me on paltalk.

Miss alaska the tattler? If thats true you are a lesbo LOL

Stand by for the rest of the story LOL

Villy Loves Jess

Monday, November 17, 2008

Attila Does August doggie style

In Case you are wondering Attila is on top

Atilla "David" says he is feeling much better now LOL

For those of you who dont know David was a blog Attila fell in love with and killed himself to get rid of her stalking him.

Attila took days off from work after her dear "David" died.

FFS Attila it was a fucking BLOG not a person you dumb shit LOL

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A love song to the Tattler

This is our very own lonesomedove before and after her extreme makeover

On a day like today We passed the time away Writing love letters to the tattler. How you cried when I died Each time I saw the emails Take our love letters to the tattler.

CHORUS You made a vow that you would come help me mend But somehow that made me even sicker Now my stomach is better because you thought I died from your love letters to the tattler Now my stomach is better because you thought i died from you love letters to the tattler So now its pay back time with your ugly blog on line From love letters to the tattler

The very lonesomedove new Blog


1. You have to sign your posts using your recognized nickname.

2. Posts can be made in two different ways: The old-fashioned way, as a comment or you can send an email

3. If I find out that someone is an imposter using somebody else's nickname, the comment or post will be deleted.

4. No personal information such as last names, home addresses or telephone numbers are allowed. Other than that, knock your lights out!

5. the following individuals aren't allowed to post anything here:


If necessary, other names will be added to the list.

Wow attila so many rule's

You do understand that no one will comment with there paltalk nic except the losers you hang with lol

I find it funny that NOW you have your name on your blog. I am flattered you are finaly following my lead good girl.

Listen up folks if you are too dumb to see what attila the douche bag has just done to MagnoliaMiss by saving text and throwing her under the bus I hope she does the samething to you. This is the true attila she will save all your pm's and use them against you later. She has zero loyalty to anyone but herself.

And for fucks sake attila get a photo of yourself on your profile from this decade

Saturday, November 15, 2008

August West is a Coward and a Pussy

August West: August West has bounced witwit_1 from the chat room

August West: August West has bounced CharlesNewYork from the chat room

Monday, November 10, 2008




While researching this battle I came across some fascinating information about a Nova Scotian soldier who had the great misfortune of being the last Canadian fighting man to die in the First World War. His name was Private George Lawrence Price and he was from Falmouth, a small village on the mainland, not too far from Windsor.
Private Price had joined the Canadian Army, 2nd Canadian Division, in the late fall of 1917. After basic training, he was shipped overseas and by early November of the next year was involved in military action against the German army in Belgium, on what was called the Western Front. By November 1918 the war had been going on for four long years and Germany and its allies were rapidly running out of manpower and resources. It was obvious to most that the fighting was slowly winding down and would probably stop well before Christmas.
Early on the morning of Nov. 11, the following important message was sent out to all allied armies on the Western Front. (We can also assume that the same information was sent to the various German army groups in Western Europe.)
“Hostilities will cease at 11:00 hours on Nov. 11. Troops will stand fast on the line reached at that time, which will be reported to army headquarters. Strictest precautions will be maintained and there will be no communication of any kind with the enemy.”
While most commanders were quite content to simply let their men sit out the final few hours remaining until 11 a.m., some took it upon themselves to encourage their men to continue fighting up until the appointed time. Unfortunately, this was the case with private Price’s division group and his unit continued to advance toward an enemy position on the opposite side of a small canal.
At precisely 10:58, two minutes before the official end of hostilities, private Price was shot through the chest by a German sniper, hidden in a house. One of his fellow soldiers dragged the wounded man out of the line of fire, while a young Belgian woman who witnessed the incident risked her life to make her way across the street to come to his aid. There was nothing that could be done, for the Canadian private died within a few minutes. He was 26 years old.
Tuesday will be the 90th anniversary of the First World War, or as it was called at the time “The War To End All Wars.” Approximately 67,000 young Canadian men and women were killed in this war and another 173,000 wounded. It was a high price to pay for a country with a total population at that time of only seven million.
And Private George Lawrence Price from Nova Scotia, was the last to die. With only two minutes left till the end of the war!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Racist come out of the closet

JoElleMaBelle: hey, quit talking like a nigger

JoElleMaBelle: only blacks can use that word, so sorry

MrArchieBunker: Dagwood is into the Hennessy, dont ask him anything complicated

Political Mind_2008: isnt there a rack of ribs and a water melon with your name on them somewhere ?

MikeyZ2U: when is Sirhan Sirhan due to be paroled again?

MikeyZ2U: I prefer libs when they are sad

Political Mind_2008: what would you think if Obama had the White House painted black?

The only person to show any class in this room was Andrea2u who came into the room and the first words she text were

Andrea 2-U: Congrats to all the Obama supporters

Well done andrea I expect you to show class in this hard time for conservative's

MrArchieBunker came to the mic and declaired I can take off my mask I never liked John McCain. This is the worse kind of loser one who doesnt have the balls to say he didnt like McCain before he lost.

Everyine say goodbye to tornado he said if Obama wins he is leaving the country

THE LonesomeDove is Away (For the 1st time in my life, I'm ASHAMED of my country.)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

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