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Monday, October 20, 2008

She is an expert on fast food

Yappity Yap --- Don't come back.

Chez' Attila

We desperately need a day off from our quest to expose the swine of Boaz and the excrement of Gary and Perry (Tweedle - Dumb and Tweedle-Dee plus the idiot). So sit back and listen to a short but a rather amazingly dissertation by our own Attila the Hen/ THE Lonesome Dove on "Foods from a Window" (reasons for her Lonesome name are attributed to two things --- an anal leakage problem and an ear fucking voice that makes a man want to decapitate his own dick). No one but Attila can speak for so long, and say so little, about so much.

We've all heard Attila discuss the La'Orange of a duck, the penne in the prosciutto, tasty truffles and tripe, or salmon souffles, but today she made heads explode with her expertise of the edible called "Junk Food". Shockingly, even though our Henny Penny professed to hate the food, she tossed herself on a saliva sword to inform the masses.

Attila always said she lived on a farm --- much like Old McDonald. How fortunate they dropped a Captain D's right across the street from her farmland. Well hell, she can ride her horses right up to the window of cuisine. But just a moment, Tilly, if you live " practically across the street" from junk-food alley, does this mean you've moved from the mansion on the mount? How will you pontificate with a nose-bleed when you live among the little people.

The poor bastard you word-pummeled simply asked if Jack-in-the-box was still around, and you lip flapped him until his ears were bleeding. And do you eat anything that doesn't come in a clam shell? Not only have you been to every junk food junket in the USA, but you have the ovaries to critique the shit. Outrageous!

Jack-in-the-box is MUCH better than McDonalds in the past few years? They are both shit on a bun, what comparison can be made when you can't get your nose past the smell of warm rotted meat. Not only do you contrast and comparison this crap, but you yappa-do-dah ad nauseam, you've actually eat at these dirty water dives and marvel at their expanding menus. LOOK butter-britches it's all the same shit but for the "cute commercials". Yepper, that's how we all pick the day's dinner--- from some asshole in a red clown suit with stripped socks beside a dancing hamburger.... Yum! You do live the high-life.

We love ya Henny, but when you smacked your lips about the rancid fish --- you had us puking in our mouth. What kind of a moron goes to Captain D's to play Russian Roulette with a halibut aimed at the temple? You said the fish was rancid at times but then sometimes it was good. The homeless wouldn't risk eating rancid fish for a good piece of bass. Are you a congenital idiot ? Only in Texas would anyone return for rotten fish from a window. God bless you Attila, none of us would feel intelligent unless you were around being so God-damned dumb.

Oh, one last thing. The man who asked the question needed this answer --- YES ! Try it next time.


Moron cant produce


Anonymous said...
Social Issues Truth blog***Are you fucking kidding me lol produce the Tattler you are saying is copied or Shut the fuck up.

***ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVEFrom SIP post, Saturday, October 11,2008(comments section)

Hey Moron I said produce the TATTLER you numbnuts lol goes to show you are indeed a fucking retard hahahahahahahahah

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