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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flalady_1 vs Crazycajun

I went into tornado's room this evening and heard flalady begging crazycajun to go to a private room to talk and this was what crazycajun had to say.

CrazyCajun: nope
CrazyCajun: fuck that

We at the socialissuestruthblog hope they make up soon they deserve each other. Two nut balls

Monday, August 11, 2008

More from the Nut in Fla.

falady_1: m1 is a pussy

flalady_1: m1 is brained washed

flalady_1: janette is a witch

flalady_1: she is pathetic

flalady_1: janette is a total nut

flalady_1: \threatneing to sue me hahaha

flalady_1: for telling the truth about her

flalady_1: m1 is a fool

flalady_1: I know who he is
Hugh has said that M1 has his tongue so far up Janette’s ass. He is bitching about how tanker bounced him out of his room for lowering the cam down to his crotch for tidal pool.

flalady_1: m1 had called here

flalady_1: we had it traced

flalady_1: I finally got the police report

flalady_1: the man said he was zippper

flalady_1: that is how he is

flalady_1: he is 2 faced

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Congrats Norm And Punky Read this and you will be happy you had computer problems on your wedding day

DJSilver Wolf: EVERYONE STOP with the idiotic comments and be respectful to the bride and groom

carolann_1: dj take a chill pill

DJSilver Wolf: sorry I am a professional Full Time DJ I do alot of weddings and when I see people who cannot be respectful to the bride and groom they do not need to participate

carolann_1: pro dj means you have some cd's and a cd player lol

DJSilver Wolf: it means a HELL of alot more than that carol

angel15536: i can't believe some of the comments people are making in here

angel15536: how rude

donnaspl: oh for god sakes norm knows us all here

donnaspl: heknows we kid around a lot

weeAlice: Yes Donna but to the rest of his guests know that

donnaspl: well they do now

donnaspl: ahhahaa

donnaspl: norm wouldntwnt us to be any different

donnaspl: no one has said anything mean

carolann_1: I am going to see if I can find another wedding I am all dressed up and i will be dammed if i am not going to see a wedding

carolann_1: I have on this cute little black number

donnaspl: number 8?

carolann_1: I have a 8 figure

carolann_1: small hips big ass

donnaspl: well we cant al be prfect

carolann_1: large breast

carolann_1: kinda perky

carolann_1: I am into BDSM

donnaspl: why?

carolann_1: I like pain

Lady-n-Red88: me too

carolann_1: it gives me pleasure

DJSilver Wolf: so are mermaid and Myself

Lady-n-Red88: >Sub

donnaspl: i think imat thewrong wedding

greeneyes45_1_1: whats bdsm

DJSilver Wolf: <<>

greeneyes45_1_1: the would be the day id let a man put a leash on me

DJSilver Wolf: I also go by DJDomBrick

carolann_1: <--DOM

carolann_1: I will have you trained in short order greeneyes

mermaid_1463: >> Slave and proud of who she is

greeneyes45_1_1: your a woman i dont swing that way

greeneyes45_1_1: no but id be dammned if i would allow a man to treat me like a slave

carolann_1: you will do as you are told greeneyes

donnaspl: ok im out of here toomanyfreaks

mermaid_1463: thats your personal choice but i can tell you My Master treats me better then my x husband and more loving

carolann_1: I walk my slave around the park like a dog

mermaid_1463: you all need to look more into the lifestyle and not into the bs you see on tv or movies

carolann_1: right mermaid

carolann_1: mermaid you are very nice looking

mermaid_1463: thank you

carolann_1: yw

DJSilver Wolf: umm carolann I am mermaid's Master

carolann_1: not for long DJ

DJSilver Wolf: carolann if you are a Dom you will respect the fact that we are real time and do not tolerate BS

DJSilver Wolf: and other Doms being disrespectful by trying to steal another Dom's submissive

carolann_1: DJ dont talk to me like I dont know what I am talking about ok?

DJSilver Wolf: then stop with the comments

carolann_1: you stop trying to Dom me

DJSilver Wolf: I am not trying to carolann I am telling you be respectful and knock off with the comments

carolann_1: mermaid how long have you been in the lifestyle?

mermaid_1463: 25 yrs

mermaid_1463: girl trained in Gorean and BDSM

mermaid_1463: Real Time not no on line bs

carolann_1: wonderfful

carolann_1: I dont do online either

carolann_1: real or nothing

mermaid_1463: girl has known Master 7 yrs and things got in the way and now is Happy to be in His arms

michigan_babygirl: one happy girl now

mermaid_1463: yes Ma'am

Then you have people like this who can fuck up a wet dream read below

SodaPopGirl: what the hell is this?

SodaPopGirl: donna, a wedding?

SodaPopGirl: a paltalk wedding

SodaPopGirl: LMFAOOOOOOOOooooo

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