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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Racist come out of the closet

JoElleMaBelle: hey, quit talking like a nigger

JoElleMaBelle: only blacks can use that word, so sorry

MrArchieBunker: Dagwood is into the Hennessy, dont ask him anything complicated

Political Mind_2008: isnt there a rack of ribs and a water melon with your name on them somewhere ?

MikeyZ2U: when is Sirhan Sirhan due to be paroled again?

MikeyZ2U: I prefer libs when they are sad

Political Mind_2008: what would you think if Obama had the White House painted black?

The only person to show any class in this room was Andrea2u who came into the room and the first words she text were

Andrea 2-U: Congrats to all the Obama supporters

Well done andrea I expect you to show class in this hard time for conservative's

MrArchieBunker came to the mic and declaired I can take off my mask I never liked John McCain. This is the worse kind of loser one who doesnt have the balls to say he didnt like McCain before he lost.

Everyine say goodbye to tornado he said if Obama wins he is leaving the country

THE LonesomeDove is Away (For the 1st time in my life, I'm ASHAMED of my country.)

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