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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well worth Posting again

Dear Tattler,

As you know, I never really get upset when people say or write things about me …. In fact I generally get a chuckle out of it. This is why I seldom respond to anything said about me. I hate to use this blog as a sounding board so if you choose not to post this on the blog, my feelings won’t be hurt.

I was rather disappointed that M1, that I really don’t know well, decided to drag a family member into the blog wars. I was even more disappointed that Buck didn’t tell the whole story about my son to M1.

My son was sent to CSATF- Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, located at a State Prison, for a first time DUI. The reason this subject came up was that Buck claimed in his state people got multiple DUI’s, as many as 5 or 6, and they never were incarcerated. I responding it isn’t like that in California, that a first time DUI can be tried as a felony at the discretion of the County DA. Of course Buck told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. Which pissed me off because I have done so much research on the subject. Instead of considering the source and knowing that Buck thinks no one knows anything….. I opened my Big Mouth and shared the story of what happened to my son.

My son was stopped going home from a family bar-b-que and registered .08% alcohol on the breathalyzer (driving under the influence).

17 years earlier, when my son was 17 years old he was stopped with a very small amount of cocaine and arrested. At that time any drug arrest was a felony, there weren’t any diversion programs and so he was charged with a felony possession. He was tried as an adult and spent 21 days in road camp.

Seventeen years later, my son pleaded guilty to the felony DUI which made it a second felony offense (Second Strike). Being convicted of a Second Strike is a mandatory 3 years. My son was sentenced to 3 years. At CSATF my son attended all classes and programs available to him. While he was there he also established and ran 2 new programs for the inmates. Because he had no blemishes on his record and because he was so active working with fellow inmates, he was released from CSATF after 11 months and 6 days.

My son was released 18 months ago and has completed ADCA - Alcohol/Drug Counseling Aide, CADCA - Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Associate, CADC I - Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Level I and is now working in the field.

Your Friend and a Very Proud Mother,

Tank you are indeed a lowlife fucking scumbag


Here is another scumbag below

flalady_1 says, I am voting for Frisson for Mother of the year . I know how proud you must be

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