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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Not everyone is the Tattler or the "crew" whoever they are

LOL everyone was having a good time in the coffee shop chat room today until tornado voiced his opinion on the low lifes raven and m1 tank.
he told them both what he thought of them and then some. And all of it was true.

m1tanks stupid illierate blog was brought up omg this man needs spelling and grammar lessons in the worse way.
a few people in the room told m1 tank what they thought of him lmao and right away he said it was the tattler crew hahahhaa it wasnt anyone from the tattler, just people exposing him and his childish behavior.

the man is P A R A N O I D lol
Now he has a room called

Coffee Shack and working under the table.

aiming the name at tornado.

If m1 had even a quarter of the IQ that tornado has he wouldnt be out there killing rats and cockroaches.

You are a low life scum m1 a childish immature idiot.

and btw m1 ran out of the room when he thought the tattler "crew" was in there lmao
what a coward hahahahaa

lol he was close to crying when he took the mic saying see see its the tattler crew hahhaahhaa


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