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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

M1tank is a lieing peice of shit...........but then again we knew that already See for yourself

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Start from scratch
OK this will be easy to read and comprehend... My partner in crime on this blog actually helped me to make this decision by reading her words which humbled me deeply.

I would like to say this to all who have been effected in all blogs... Lets just end it all now and start from scratch... i admit to all i to became obsessed with this bickering and from this moment on I will simply ask for all concerned to just come in to each room and talk shop and leave the past behind... if not then that's fine to it has gone on to long and I will honestly say I to need to rethink My position in writing articles.. I hope this comes across as genuine..its not a baiting process nor claims to be.
No apologise are needed from anyone involved just know that it will be a OK to talk to each other and stop the bashing if you wish to stop that is...again its my way of saying to all concerned lets cut the crap and just talk it out... i to was consumed with hatred and well enough is enough to all concerned I apologise for my actions and want to move on.M1 tank

Posted by Lover of life at 7:33 AM 0 chatters with something to say

(@online) M1tank says, Greeneyes...Abused By her Mother and been Played Like a Fiddle on here

(@online) M1tank came online at 4:48 PM, and says, I was Willing To let it Go But The Abused Canadian had To make It All come Back

(@online) M1tank came online at 4:53 PM, and says, Survey said... 3 people only like greeneys on here lmao

(@online) M1tank came online at 4:54 PM, and says, A survey... Abused Children like greeneyes resort to anger all the time

(@online) M1tank came online at 4:58 PM, and says, greeneyes favorite movie is MOMMIE DEAREST

M1tank is nothing but a woman abusing cockroach who doesnt have the guts or the balls to go toe too toe with anyone he attacks except in an away message.

I went into a room to confront him and he bounced me right away after saying on his pathetic blog he would have it out LOL you fucking coward.

And for you few douche bags who kiss his sorry ass you will get just what you deserve also. Dont kid yourselves he has bashed all of you too LOL

P.S. To RyaneRenee watch your back I was told you are the Token in that room if you have half a brain you will know what I mean. Things have been said by the people you hang with. But hey you will find out sooner or later. Right ladies?

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