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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Trial was held today the accused were were tried in abstentia,

Social Issues Judge: Accused #1, M1Tank. You are hereby GUILTY of lying, not being man enough to admit a past wrong, being a coward, and causing hate and discontent in Social Issues.

Social Issues Judge: You are further hereby GUILTY of not being able to spell, use proper grammar, and publishing a piss-poor blog that's riddled with spelling and grammar errors

Social Issues Judge: This court sentences you to repeating public school education, starting at Kindergarten, until such time as you demonstrate you know your ABC's and can spell.

Social Issues Judge: Accused #2 and #3 - Ravenn and RyaneRenee - You are hereby also found GUILTY of participating in a FRAUD of a blog, falling for Accused #1's bullshit, and also fomenting hate and discontent in Social Issues.

Social Issues Judge: Your sentence: You shall cease and decist of participating on said blog, and apologize to those who you've defamed on this chat program.

Social Issues Judge: Should you fail, you will be exiled to Inspeak.

Social Issues Judge: Accused #4 newfie you are found GUILTY of turning on a long-time friend, falling for M1Tank's bullshit, and telling LIES about other people to ingratiate yourself to M1Tank.

Social Issues Judge: Your punishment (which we understand you've already done) is to delete Paltalk, and never return.

Social Issues Judge: This court has ruled, and we are adjourned.

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