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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

m1wanker and his team show up for a job

Anonymous said...

... wait they can find out I have the school e-mail site...

A threat?
I'm very doubtful if you have anything M1.

And as far as 5000 hits, where's your counter? lol More lies M1?

M1 told someone that newfieishome is also a writer on his blog, doubtful there too she is never on paltalk.

He was also heard talking badly about another user raven a while back saying she was old and sick and lacked in brains.

raven is in better health than you are m1 at least in the brain department.

Think hard Magnolia miss because your next move may not be the one to make.

Another threat from Eric Larson.
But you like making threats on women, don't you M1
M1 why is it your daughter is no longer wih you? Not that you were a good father, to leave a nineteen year old to babysit a what eight year old, while you roamed the world. You sure won't get Father of the Year.

And what about that wife or ex wife, what did you do to her M1 to make her leave?

Maybe we could ask your son.

Sleep well M1

Anonymous said...

I really and honestly think m1 is a retard lol

Now he is threating women lol what a fucking coward.

He is 5 ft tall as ugly as one of the rats he chases around on his hands and knees.

The man is all alone, has no one

Just a sad little retard living alone in a dumpy apartment.

He looks like he never washes.

His face looks like its been run over by a truck

Seems to be he has none or very little teeth.

And a job chasing rats lmao and seems to me he found a few

From USC

USConservative: But you know, anyone that's been in our bank's cafeteria KNOWS I don't eat there. The food SUCKS!!!!

USConservative: Somewhere in your blinding blizzard of truth-telling to Mr. Rodent Killer, can you mention I don't eat in the Cafeteria? I can afford to go out and get a real meal.

USConservative: As for the rest of his bullshit towards me, I don't care. Threatening someone over a blog is so ...... gay.

USConservative: As far as the blog goes, I don't own it, and I don't write it.

m1wanker says:
Greeneyes, Charles, and starlyn teaming up to inform the paltalk few that there words matter

Charles says: Starlyn isnt on paltalk that much these day BUT I would pick her over you as a friend in a heartbeat.

m1wanker says: Charles sends his little girls out to check on the rooms as he sits in his room waiting for a report and taking a phonics test ... 5th grade exam.

Charles says: Look you fucking coward I came into your room and you dotted and bounced me like the little fat girl you are. You run every fucking time i open my room. Why people ask? I will tell you why. Because you are a chicken shit little fat fuck thats why. You are welcome in my room anytime you want to grow some balls girly man. I wont be a coward like you and attack you while you are dotted like you did to me. So anytime ratboy you want to be a ratman I am here.

BTW you dont scare anyone with your threats. My guess is that the women you threaten can kick your fat ass all over paltalk.

I wont hold my breath waiting for you to man up fat girl

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