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Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a coward you are SIP

If all the chatters who think attila is the SIP are wrong and you are a friend to your lonestar honey come clean and show some guts. Put your paltalk name we all know you by on your site and admit who you are. My guess is you dont have the guts because you are a coward.

below is what the SIP said to the above.

And FYI, SIP’s name is also posted on their blog “Social Issues Photo Album”.


Come on Chucky, show your CharlesNY nic and lets see how you are treated in social issues, after all the “fun” you and Twattler have had at EVERYONE’s expense. I dare ya.

I am on as charlesnewyork all the time dumbass but you wouldnt know that because you are an outcast .

You wont show your paltalk nic because you are scared.

So I will let you be the coward you are. lol

BTW no one believes the fake posting nic lol


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