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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Proof attila is an idiot

Frisson wrote a post on attila's blog and pays her a compliment and this is how she responds lol

first what frissin says

FRisson1 said...
The Tattler seems to be written for people who find humor in their fellow human being's ramblings and faux pas. The people who enjoy the Tattler don't seem to take themselves or other people too seriously.I find the Tattler very readable, as I did your post. In contrast I find some blogs full of rants, raves, accusations and suppositions. I find it very hard to follow the content in these blog entries. The offerings main purpose seem to be a vehicle to spout venom, becoming very disjointed hard for the reader to follow. Fortunately these blogs seem fade away into oblivion in record time.

Now for the Idiots response

Attila the Hen said...
Frisson, your comment was posted as a remarkably incisive example of the typical mentality and lack of anything even approaching class shown by the Chubby-Tattytards. Coming here to defend that piece of human garbage is confirmation of your poor taste.

So Frisson, make no mistake – she and old toothless AlligatorMouth can keep their little charade up as long as they want to continue being laughingstocks, but Miss_Alaska AKA Maggie Dawson is the Tattler and further, it is well-known why you are a Tattytard and more recently a Tattypet.

Now folks there is more to this post on the idiots sorry ass blog but i cant put a book on this site you would all be to old by the time you read it all. So I will let you go there and read the rest

P.S Its really good to see that Miss prim and proper Suzanne has done a 180 on her opinion of blogs that she now not only doesnt read them she doesnt post on them either lol

this will be fun

get ready

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