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Monday, November 24, 2008

From The paltalk Roundup Blog

A break from the bs room... A total flop there was more bs in there then many rooms combined.

Note.... To think we can all get along is a mere dream, we need to at least understand that paltalk has so many characters from all walks of life.

First of all you wernt in my room unless you were hiding.

Second: Its your short comings if you cant spend a couple hours in a room with people you have seen on this program for years without making a total ass of yourself.

Third: I dont see how my room was a failure if someone had to make a private room to talk about my room.

Now I understand if you choose not to take part in a room but why put other's down who choose to enjoy a room once in a while without fighting , bouncing, and dotting.

You should be very proud of yourself

And BTW everything isnt political sometimes its OK to have some fun and a decent conversation with people you dont always agree with.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas

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