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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Consumed Blogger (m1tank) aka sweetcheeks Marrion

Hospital visits to see loved ones is so tiresome but its a love we have for others that makes us do such great things to cheer up the few that need cheering up...truthblog aims to identify those who seem to think that their worlds are so perfect and that their aim to hurt others is a goal they live and die for.

Truthblog has spotted An evil doer...were on the case and will report this to all the concerned chatters and patriots of m1tanks world.

Back to our story.

The phone rings m1tank turns to the phone in anticipation whether to answer it or just let the answering service pick it up...after 6 rings he reluctantly picks it up...hello he says in that girly muffled voice...The response was from a hospital in Fla....Mr ryanrenne they said...he quickly glanced towards where his gay lover was sitting to make sure he didn't hear those words...he would kick his large Rat butt all over Fla.he whispered in response Yes this is he can I help you?

The next few lines may be disturbing to children so please be advised that this isn't what normal fathers do with their own children. Mr ryanrenne we just wanted you to know that Your daughter is here and is doing fine we have been trying to reach you for 3 days now and it seems your phone is always busy..(takes it off the Hook when he is sucking his lovers dick).With no remorse he says blatantly...Can you call me back At noon the rooms are dead on this Chat program then and i will have more time to Talk to you... A stunned Nurse on The other end stuttered but acknowledge such a crazy request and hung up the phone.

Eric turned back to the monitor and puffed on his lovers non covered dick and blew a kiss towards the screen in the direction of his lovers screen name...Sultonofsleaze... .The love affair has bloomed over the years and as you can see its a blind faith, a modem marriage of sorts but its one of great devotion to a man he has never met...his own daughter would be left in a hospital bed or sick at home and this "MAN" would simply never visit her... and this is Why his wife left him... The moral of the story is this... make time for those who matter... this is a mere chat program and when it consumes you like it has this sorry excuse for a "man" it will become your down fall...so ask yourself is this is this the actions of a real man? I say no its not its the actions of a mouse who doesnt give a fuck about anyone but himself and his boytoy lover.

ps. now you know why he changed his nickname to marrion

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