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Monday, December 1, 2008

Two faces of, Well you will see

I wasnt going to write about Suzanne's room but I have no choice now.

First some background

My friendship with Attila went south when I called her out on writing about OUR friends on the SIP. She denied it and we all knew it was her.

Now the friends I am speaking of are Andrea2u, chat attack , Miss Alaska AKA The tattler ( I love that one) lol and donnaspl.

donnaspl is NOT one of the two faces she still is a good friend

Not only have I defended these once friends so has Sally Omally, Who BTW still calls them friends ( why I have no idea) but thats her call.

Now Sally goes into Suzanne.s room and is bounced very quick when she ask someone else in the room to ask suz why she was bounced the answer is " she know's why", What kind of fucking answer is that suz?

What makes me sick is that sally gets bounced and who is sitting in the room having fun with these two faced fucks YUP YOU GUESSED IT ATTILA

You all deserve each other.

You wouldnt know what true friendship is if it slapped you in your two faces

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