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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Apology to sil2004

Hello Charles from Buenos Aires, Argentina , my na... Hello Charles from Buenos Aires, Argentina , my name is silvia , my nick name is sil2004 in paltalk. First time i post a comment here, sorry if my english is so bad for you, well is not my native english , and i wish to know if you are able to talk 4 languages as well, but it is not the point, You have attacked me with many names, i know , i undertand you, like the others, wel i m not a man , if you want i show the certificates of being mother of 2 beautiful daughters, lol and i think you are a father too , so i wish you have a little respect , i know you are full of anger, who you hates, , it is for me other world i can tell , never have seen this kind of stuff , i m sorry if you think i m not intellignent may be i have to prove you my diploma of accounting ,and i own my business for 14 years with a great teamwork and i have a real happy life, yes i love music allot , sorry , if it bothers you , yes i fell in love with Gary , he is an excellent man , i love him veryyyyy much , doesnt matter what you have said i can tell he is soooooo sexy , i guess you can do nothing of what he can ,, lol , if you have doubts i think you would never know, but he is amazing, i m very happy and proud of who is , because i love him by who is not because or the red , paltalk , a show , nothing else ,,, i dont care , nothing of what many people here can sell everything for having a show like gary has , sorry it is a success , it was and it will be , yes Anna was great and i admired her , she was a victim more of you than everyone else , i wish she comes back , she deserves my respects , and about this girl Aerial , please dont bother her, she is really smart , brilliant a pleasure to listen , yes of course better than me ,, well i will not show up to you my skills , dont need to give exams , but she is very attractive , sexy and smart , so what is the problem now . Charles , believe or not , i think you are very talent , many people talked to me about you , in a good way and i think that you can use it in good causes ,as i see you are very patriotic , have good points of interest , i wish you use this for better , no need this kind of attacks , it helps the ego, the autosteam , it makes you more successfull, sometimes if the anger is used for good goals it will be a real success,just my first time i write i dont mind to clear nothing you will think what you wish , like the song nothing else matters , but i know you hate Gary , he doesnt hate you , this is the true , i can tell , but well like other song , if it makes you happy ,,,,, (sheryl crowle) and thank you for your respects to Jesus Clauss, and Mystic she is my best friend here ,i was with her when this happened , and when she talked with his mother , these are the things that we have to care to not happen, as much as we can ,, well Charles, sorry for your thoughts about my person you have without knowing me, but i dont hate you and wish you the best , i m not ironic, i hope that you realize you can offer more important things with your skills .thank you , sil

You are correct Sil I shouldnt have attacked you. It was wrong of me to do so just because of a problem I had with gary banning me for NO reason. So please except my Apology

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