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Friday, December 26, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Watch this video and think about the way we act if you dont feel anything you should be ashamed

Seattle, Washington - Brenden Foster spoke, and hundreds answered.

Eleven year old Brenden Foster died this day of Friday, 21 November 2008, but throughout this world he will be remembered always. His darkest hour was his brightest light. This is a story as much of his words as it is of his deeds.

His dying wish was to help the homeless. "They're probably starving, so give 'em a chance, food and water." It has become a national movement. He wasn't afraid to die. He had said that he just wanted to make a difference, before his time came. And he did!

Touched by a young boy with an old soul, kind hearts answered Brenden's urgings to feed the homeless and took part in KOMO's Stuff the Truck food drive in honor of Brenden on Thursday.

"They're probably starving, so give'em a chance," he had said.

And so many did just that. In these hard financial times, many put their own needs aside to think of Brenden's last wish.

"I'm so thankful for what I have that I just have to give," said Joan Riley.

"He's just a little old man in a child's body. It's a shame he has to go early. Very wise young man," said Karen Blacketer.

Blacketer has little to give these days; she lost her job. But she believes in Brenden's dream and knows the need is great. So she dug deep in her pocket and gave to those less fortunate.

And she wasn't alone.

Lines of cars formed at Fred Meyer stores in Federal Way, Bothell and Issaquah. People donated cart after cart of groceries, boxes of food that will stock the shelves at Northwest Harvest and Food Lifeline.

Local businesses jumped in as well. Schwartz Brothers Bakery donated 3,500 muffins.

We didn't just stuff the truck; we stuffed six and a half. Generous souls helped raise more than $60,000 in cash donations. And along with the donations, many shared smiles and tears while talking about their inspiration, beloved Brenden.

Brenden was once the kid who ran the fastest, climbed the highest and dreamed of becoming a marine photographer. Leukemia took away all those things, but not his dying wish to help others.

Brenden saw TV coverage of the incredible turnout, and his family members said their sick boy was simply overjoyed amid his pain and discomfort.

"He doesn't have much time....24, 48 hours. Course we never know. That's up to God," said his grandmother, Patricia McMorrow.

Brenden's only 11 but his grandma says he's at peace with his passing.

"He's ready. He's told us that the angels have come three times and he's ready to go with them," Pat said.

Leukemia will win this round, but Brenden wants everyone to know this is just the beginning of the good he wants to inspire.

"He tells us that when he's an angel, he's going to keep doing the good work," Pat said.

He was a regular kid, who wanted to become marine photographer. Some time ago had been diagnosed with leukemia. As death was staring him in his face, its others that he was thinking about. The homeless caught Brenden's heartfelt attention. He had said, "Well, I was getting back from one of my appointments and I saw this big thing full of homeless people and then I thought. I should just get them something." That the country, even the world responded, he said, "I think that is great. You think that's great?"

He had one more wish, and that was to sprinkle wildflower seeds to save the bees. He had heard that the bees were dying off. His wish was answered by a retired pilot who asked his flying friends to sprinkle wild flower seeds around the world on Brenden's behalf.

He spoke with the wisdom of ages. Of that which made him feel sad, he had said was, "When someone gives up." His advice was, "Follow your dreams. Don't let anything stop you." Asked what he thought the best things in life are, he said, "Just having one."

If we can learn anything in this life, we can be inspired to do so by this young man.

Three years ago, doctors diagnosed Brenden with leukemia. His body may have been held back but his spirit excelled far beyond the dreams of most of us. On death, "It happens. It's natural," He said.

"I should be gone in a week or so", he had said. "I had a great time. And until my time comes, I'm going to keep having a great time," he said. I heard that he saw angels coming for him three times in the night before he left us. Then Brenden took his darkest hour and turned it into the brightest of light that truly can inspire the world.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ladies and Gentleman I Give You The Social Issues Tattler


E Pluribus Unum

August West

Chatroom Boss











THE LonesomeDove

















RunninFerCover _




Xx Sweetie xX




Q Tea Pie


joseph spanks



Attila the Hen




Andrea 2-U

Mama Roo







There you have it folks I hope you are all happy now that the tattler has been outed

These are your social issues tattler's

Surprised???????? or Disappointed????????

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tattler Identity To Be Revealed December 6th 2008

The Wait is over I think you will ALL be surprised and disappointed to find out the truth.

But you asked for it

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I think we are getting to Tilly










Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Proof attila is an idiot

Frisson wrote a post on attila's blog and pays her a compliment and this is how she responds lol

first what frissin says

FRisson1 said...
The Tattler seems to be written for people who find humor in their fellow human being's ramblings and faux pas. The people who enjoy the Tattler don't seem to take themselves or other people too seriously.I find the Tattler very readable, as I did your post. In contrast I find some blogs full of rants, raves, accusations and suppositions. I find it very hard to follow the content in these blog entries. The offerings main purpose seem to be a vehicle to spout venom, becoming very disjointed hard for the reader to follow. Fortunately these blogs seem fade away into oblivion in record time.

Now for the Idiots response

Attila the Hen said...
Frisson, your comment was posted as a remarkably incisive example of the typical mentality and lack of anything even approaching class shown by the Chubby-Tattytards. Coming here to defend that piece of human garbage is confirmation of your poor taste.

So Frisson, make no mistake – she and old toothless AlligatorMouth can keep their little charade up as long as they want to continue being laughingstocks, but Miss_Alaska AKA Maggie Dawson is the Tattler and further, it is well-known why you are a Tattytard and more recently a Tattypet.

Now folks there is more to this post on the idiots sorry ass blog but i cant put a book on this site you would all be to old by the time you read it all. So I will let you go there and read the rest

P.S Its really good to see that Miss prim and proper Suzanne has done a 180 on her opinion of blogs that she now not only doesnt read them she doesnt post on them either lol

this will be fun

get ready

Monday, December 1, 2008

Two faces of, Well you will see

I wasnt going to write about Suzanne's room but I have no choice now.

First some background

My friendship with Attila went south when I called her out on writing about OUR friends on the SIP. She denied it and we all knew it was her.

Now the friends I am speaking of are Andrea2u, chat attack , Miss Alaska AKA The tattler ( I love that one) lol and donnaspl.

donnaspl is NOT one of the two faces she still is a good friend

Not only have I defended these once friends so has Sally Omally, Who BTW still calls them friends ( why I have no idea) but thats her call.

Now Sally goes into Suzanne.s room and is bounced very quick when she ask someone else in the room to ask suz why she was bounced the answer is " she know's why", What kind of fucking answer is that suz?

What makes me sick is that sally gets bounced and who is sitting in the room having fun with these two faced fucks YUP YOU GUESSED IT ATTILA

You all deserve each other.

You wouldnt know what true friendship is if it slapped you in your two faces

Sunday, November 30, 2008

This is Priceless

Attila fake's good wish's to Scar & matt

Attila/Dove has called scarlet everything from a bad mother to a whore but NOW she acts like she care's about her. lol

Attila you are nothing but a lieing sack of shit

If being fake were money you would be the richest person in the world

PS It must feel good that your best defender is flalady lol god you have to love it

Congrats Scar & matt

$100 to the 1st person who finds out when nanishome2000 birthday is

Monday, November 24, 2008

From The paltalk Roundup Blog

A break from the bs room... A total flop there was more bs in there then many rooms combined.

Note.... To think we can all get along is a mere dream, we need to at least understand that paltalk has so many characters from all walks of life.

First of all you wernt in my room unless you were hiding.

Second: Its your short comings if you cant spend a couple hours in a room with people you have seen on this program for years without making a total ass of yourself.

Third: I dont see how my room was a failure if someone had to make a private room to talk about my room.

Now I understand if you choose not to take part in a room but why put other's down who choose to enjoy a room once in a while without fighting , bouncing, and dotting.

You should be very proud of yourself

And BTW everything isnt political sometimes its OK to have some fun and a decent conversation with people you dont always agree with.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Go play by yourself

I will let the obsessed Attila/The lonesomedove play by herself for a while have fun.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Attila/ Dove you are dumber then I thought

You did just what we wanted you to do Publish the full PM you saved and sent to me on paltalk.

Miss alaska the tattler? If thats true you are a lesbo LOL

Stand by for the rest of the story LOL

Villy Loves Jess

Monday, November 17, 2008

Attila Does August doggie style

In Case you are wondering Attila is on top

Atilla "David" says he is feeling much better now LOL

For those of you who dont know David was a blog Attila fell in love with and killed himself to get rid of her stalking him.

Attila took days off from work after her dear "David" died.

FFS Attila it was a fucking BLOG not a person you dumb shit LOL

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A love song to the Tattler

This is our very own lonesomedove before and after her extreme makeover

On a day like today We passed the time away Writing love letters to the tattler. How you cried when I died Each time I saw the emails Take our love letters to the tattler.

CHORUS You made a vow that you would come help me mend But somehow that made me even sicker Now my stomach is better because you thought I died from your love letters to the tattler Now my stomach is better because you thought i died from you love letters to the tattler So now its pay back time with your ugly blog on line From love letters to the tattler

The very lonesomedove new Blog


1. You have to sign your posts using your recognized nickname.

2. Posts can be made in two different ways: The old-fashioned way, as a comment or you can send an email

3. If I find out that someone is an imposter using somebody else's nickname, the comment or post will be deleted.

4. No personal information such as last names, home addresses or telephone numbers are allowed. Other than that, knock your lights out!

5. the following individuals aren't allowed to post anything here:


If necessary, other names will be added to the list.

Wow attila so many rule's

You do understand that no one will comment with there paltalk nic except the losers you hang with lol

I find it funny that NOW you have your name on your blog. I am flattered you are finaly following my lead good girl.

Listen up folks if you are too dumb to see what attila the douche bag has just done to MagnoliaMiss by saving text and throwing her under the bus I hope she does the samething to you. This is the true attila she will save all your pm's and use them against you later. She has zero loyalty to anyone but herself.

And for fucks sake attila get a photo of yourself on your profile from this decade

Saturday, November 15, 2008

August West is a Coward and a Pussy

August West: August West has bounced witwit_1 from the chat room

August West: August West has bounced CharlesNewYork from the chat room

Monday, November 10, 2008




While researching this battle I came across some fascinating information about a Nova Scotian soldier who had the great misfortune of being the last Canadian fighting man to die in the First World War. His name was Private George Lawrence Price and he was from Falmouth, a small village on the mainland, not too far from Windsor.
Private Price had joined the Canadian Army, 2nd Canadian Division, in the late fall of 1917. After basic training, he was shipped overseas and by early November of the next year was involved in military action against the German army in Belgium, on what was called the Western Front. By November 1918 the war had been going on for four long years and Germany and its allies were rapidly running out of manpower and resources. It was obvious to most that the fighting was slowly winding down and would probably stop well before Christmas.
Early on the morning of Nov. 11, the following important message was sent out to all allied armies on the Western Front. (We can also assume that the same information was sent to the various German army groups in Western Europe.)
“Hostilities will cease at 11:00 hours on Nov. 11. Troops will stand fast on the line reached at that time, which will be reported to army headquarters. Strictest precautions will be maintained and there will be no communication of any kind with the enemy.”
While most commanders were quite content to simply let their men sit out the final few hours remaining until 11 a.m., some took it upon themselves to encourage their men to continue fighting up until the appointed time. Unfortunately, this was the case with private Price’s division group and his unit continued to advance toward an enemy position on the opposite side of a small canal.
At precisely 10:58, two minutes before the official end of hostilities, private Price was shot through the chest by a German sniper, hidden in a house. One of his fellow soldiers dragged the wounded man out of the line of fire, while a young Belgian woman who witnessed the incident risked her life to make her way across the street to come to his aid. There was nothing that could be done, for the Canadian private died within a few minutes. He was 26 years old.
Tuesday will be the 90th anniversary of the First World War, or as it was called at the time “The War To End All Wars.” Approximately 67,000 young Canadian men and women were killed in this war and another 173,000 wounded. It was a high price to pay for a country with a total population at that time of only seven million.
And Private George Lawrence Price from Nova Scotia, was the last to die. With only two minutes left till the end of the war!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Racist come out of the closet

JoElleMaBelle: hey, quit talking like a nigger

JoElleMaBelle: only blacks can use that word, so sorry

MrArchieBunker: Dagwood is into the Hennessy, dont ask him anything complicated

Political Mind_2008: isnt there a rack of ribs and a water melon with your name on them somewhere ?

MikeyZ2U: when is Sirhan Sirhan due to be paroled again?

MikeyZ2U: I prefer libs when they are sad

Political Mind_2008: what would you think if Obama had the White House painted black?

The only person to show any class in this room was Andrea2u who came into the room and the first words she text were

Andrea 2-U: Congrats to all the Obama supporters

Well done andrea I expect you to show class in this hard time for conservative's

MrArchieBunker came to the mic and declaired I can take off my mask I never liked John McCain. This is the worse kind of loser one who doesnt have the balls to say he didnt like McCain before he lost.

Everyine say goodbye to tornado he said if Obama wins he is leaving the country

THE LonesomeDove is Away (For the 1st time in my life, I'm ASHAMED of my country.)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Flalady's Husband has a wonderful dream,Wake's up to his nightmare and has a shot



Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a coward you are SIP

If all the chatters who think attila is the SIP are wrong and you are a friend to your lonestar honey come clean and show some guts. Put your paltalk name we all know you by on your site and admit who you are. My guess is you dont have the guts because you are a coward.

below is what the SIP said to the above.

And FYI, SIP’s name is also posted on their blog “Social Issues Photo Album”.


Come on Chucky, show your CharlesNY nic and lets see how you are treated in social issues, after all the “fun” you and Twattler have had at EVERYONE’s expense. I dare ya.

I am on as charlesnewyork all the time dumbass but you wouldnt know that because you are an outcast .

You wont show your paltalk nic because you are scared.

So I will let you be the coward you are. lol

BTW no one believes the fake posting nic lol


Friday, October 24, 2008

Lets see if the SIP has the guts

If all the chatters who think attila is the SIP are wrong and you are a friend to your lonestar honey come clean and show some guts. Put your paltalk name we all know you by on your site and admit who you are. My guess is you dont have the guts because you are a coward.

BTW before your dumbass says ( why doesnt the tattler say who they are?) I am not the tattler and my name is on my blog.


Come on show yourself and lets see how you are treated in social issues, after all you have made fun of EVERYONE.

We will be waiting we will NOT hold our breath

From The SIP Comments Section
. Now, what has the Amalgamated SIP found to write about besides The Tattler and Charles? Nothing.

Monday, October 20, 2008

She is an expert on fast food

Yappity Yap --- Don't come back.

Chez' Attila

We desperately need a day off from our quest to expose the swine of Boaz and the excrement of Gary and Perry (Tweedle - Dumb and Tweedle-Dee plus the idiot). So sit back and listen to a short but a rather amazingly dissertation by our own Attila the Hen/ THE Lonesome Dove on "Foods from a Window" (reasons for her Lonesome name are attributed to two things --- an anal leakage problem and an ear fucking voice that makes a man want to decapitate his own dick). No one but Attila can speak for so long, and say so little, about so much.

We've all heard Attila discuss the La'Orange of a duck, the penne in the prosciutto, tasty truffles and tripe, or salmon souffles, but today she made heads explode with her expertise of the edible called "Junk Food". Shockingly, even though our Henny Penny professed to hate the food, she tossed herself on a saliva sword to inform the masses.

Attila always said she lived on a farm --- much like Old McDonald. How fortunate they dropped a Captain D's right across the street from her farmland. Well hell, she can ride her horses right up to the window of cuisine. But just a moment, Tilly, if you live " practically across the street" from junk-food alley, does this mean you've moved from the mansion on the mount? How will you pontificate with a nose-bleed when you live among the little people.

The poor bastard you word-pummeled simply asked if Jack-in-the-box was still around, and you lip flapped him until his ears were bleeding. And do you eat anything that doesn't come in a clam shell? Not only have you been to every junk food junket in the USA, but you have the ovaries to critique the shit. Outrageous!

Jack-in-the-box is MUCH better than McDonalds in the past few years? They are both shit on a bun, what comparison can be made when you can't get your nose past the smell of warm rotted meat. Not only do you contrast and comparison this crap, but you yappa-do-dah ad nauseam, you've actually eat at these dirty water dives and marvel at their expanding menus. LOOK butter-britches it's all the same shit but for the "cute commercials". Yepper, that's how we all pick the day's dinner--- from some asshole in a red clown suit with stripped socks beside a dancing hamburger.... Yum! You do live the high-life.

We love ya Henny, but when you smacked your lips about the rancid fish --- you had us puking in our mouth. What kind of a moron goes to Captain D's to play Russian Roulette with a halibut aimed at the temple? You said the fish was rancid at times but then sometimes it was good. The homeless wouldn't risk eating rancid fish for a good piece of bass. Are you a congenital idiot ? Only in Texas would anyone return for rotten fish from a window. God bless you Attila, none of us would feel intelligent unless you were around being so God-damned dumb.

Oh, one last thing. The man who asked the question needed this answer --- YES ! Try it next time.


Moron cant produce


Anonymous said...
Social Issues Truth blog***Are you fucking kidding me lol produce the Tattler you are saying is copied or Shut the fuck up.

***ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVEFrom SIP post, Saturday, October 11,2008(comments section)

Hey Moron I said produce the TATTLER you numbnuts lol goes to show you are indeed a fucking retard hahahahahahahahah

Friday, October 3, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Apology to sil2004

Hello Charles from Buenos Aires, Argentina , my na... Hello Charles from Buenos Aires, Argentina , my name is silvia , my nick name is sil2004 in paltalk. First time i post a comment here, sorry if my english is so bad for you, well is not my native english , and i wish to know if you are able to talk 4 languages as well, but it is not the point, You have attacked me with many names, i know , i undertand you, like the others, wel i m not a man , if you want i show the certificates of being mother of 2 beautiful daughters, lol and i think you are a father too , so i wish you have a little respect , i know you are full of anger, who you hates, , it is for me other world i can tell , never have seen this kind of stuff , i m sorry if you think i m not intellignent may be i have to prove you my diploma of accounting ,and i own my business for 14 years with a great teamwork and i have a real happy life, yes i love music allot , sorry , if it bothers you , yes i fell in love with Gary , he is an excellent man , i love him veryyyyy much , doesnt matter what you have said i can tell he is soooooo sexy , i guess you can do nothing of what he can ,, lol , if you have doubts i think you would never know, but he is amazing, i m very happy and proud of who is , because i love him by who is not because or the red , paltalk , a show , nothing else ,,, i dont care , nothing of what many people here can sell everything for having a show like gary has , sorry it is a success , it was and it will be , yes Anna was great and i admired her , she was a victim more of you than everyone else , i wish she comes back , she deserves my respects , and about this girl Aerial , please dont bother her, she is really smart , brilliant a pleasure to listen , yes of course better than me ,, well i will not show up to you my skills , dont need to give exams , but she is very attractive , sexy and smart , so what is the problem now . Charles , believe or not , i think you are very talent , many people talked to me about you , in a good way and i think that you can use it in good causes ,as i see you are very patriotic , have good points of interest , i wish you use this for better , no need this kind of attacks , it helps the ego, the autosteam , it makes you more successfull, sometimes if the anger is used for good goals it will be a real success,just my first time i write i dont mind to clear nothing you will think what you wish , like the song nothing else matters , but i know you hate Gary , he doesnt hate you , this is the true , i can tell , but well like other song , if it makes you happy ,,,,, (sheryl crowle) and thank you for your respects to Jesus Clauss, and Mystic she is my best friend here ,i was with her when this happened , and when she talked with his mother , these are the things that we have to care to not happen, as much as we can ,, well Charles, sorry for your thoughts about my person you have without knowing me, but i dont hate you and wish you the best , i m not ironic, i hope that you realize you can offer more important things with your skills .thank you , sil

You are correct Sil I shouldnt have attacked you. It was wrong of me to do so just because of a problem I had with gary banning me for NO reason. So please except my Apology

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

From Barack Hussein Obama

> From Barack's book, Audacity of Hope: 'I will stand with the Muslims> should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.'>


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flalady_1 vs Crazycajun

I went into tornado's room this evening and heard flalady begging crazycajun to go to a private room to talk and this was what crazycajun had to say.

CrazyCajun: nope
CrazyCajun: fuck that

We at the socialissuestruthblog hope they make up soon they deserve each other. Two nut balls

Monday, August 11, 2008

More from the Nut in Fla.

falady_1: m1 is a pussy

flalady_1: m1 is brained washed

flalady_1: janette is a witch

flalady_1: she is pathetic

flalady_1: janette is a total nut

flalady_1: \threatneing to sue me hahaha

flalady_1: for telling the truth about her

flalady_1: m1 is a fool

flalady_1: I know who he is
Hugh has said that M1 has his tongue so far up Janette’s ass. He is bitching about how tanker bounced him out of his room for lowering the cam down to his crotch for tidal pool.

flalady_1: m1 had called here

flalady_1: we had it traced

flalady_1: I finally got the police report

flalady_1: the man said he was zippper

flalady_1: that is how he is

flalady_1: he is 2 faced

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Congrats Norm And Punky Read this and you will be happy you had computer problems on your wedding day

DJSilver Wolf: EVERYONE STOP with the idiotic comments and be respectful to the bride and groom

carolann_1: dj take a chill pill

DJSilver Wolf: sorry I am a professional Full Time DJ I do alot of weddings and when I see people who cannot be respectful to the bride and groom they do not need to participate

carolann_1: pro dj means you have some cd's and a cd player lol

DJSilver Wolf: it means a HELL of alot more than that carol

angel15536: i can't believe some of the comments people are making in here

angel15536: how rude

donnaspl: oh for god sakes norm knows us all here

donnaspl: heknows we kid around a lot

weeAlice: Yes Donna but to the rest of his guests know that

donnaspl: well they do now

donnaspl: ahhahaa

donnaspl: norm wouldntwnt us to be any different

donnaspl: no one has said anything mean

carolann_1: I am going to see if I can find another wedding I am all dressed up and i will be dammed if i am not going to see a wedding

carolann_1: I have on this cute little black number

donnaspl: number 8?

carolann_1: I have a 8 figure

carolann_1: small hips big ass

donnaspl: well we cant al be prfect

carolann_1: large breast

carolann_1: kinda perky

carolann_1: I am into BDSM

donnaspl: why?

carolann_1: I like pain

Lady-n-Red88: me too

carolann_1: it gives me pleasure

DJSilver Wolf: so are mermaid and Myself

Lady-n-Red88: >Sub

donnaspl: i think imat thewrong wedding

greeneyes45_1_1: whats bdsm

DJSilver Wolf: <<>

greeneyes45_1_1: the would be the day id let a man put a leash on me

DJSilver Wolf: I also go by DJDomBrick

carolann_1: <--DOM

carolann_1: I will have you trained in short order greeneyes

mermaid_1463: >> Slave and proud of who she is

greeneyes45_1_1: your a woman i dont swing that way

greeneyes45_1_1: no but id be dammned if i would allow a man to treat me like a slave

carolann_1: you will do as you are told greeneyes

donnaspl: ok im out of here toomanyfreaks

mermaid_1463: thats your personal choice but i can tell you My Master treats me better then my x husband and more loving

carolann_1: I walk my slave around the park like a dog

mermaid_1463: you all need to look more into the lifestyle and not into the bs you see on tv or movies

carolann_1: right mermaid

carolann_1: mermaid you are very nice looking

mermaid_1463: thank you

carolann_1: yw

DJSilver Wolf: umm carolann I am mermaid's Master

carolann_1: not for long DJ

DJSilver Wolf: carolann if you are a Dom you will respect the fact that we are real time and do not tolerate BS

DJSilver Wolf: and other Doms being disrespectful by trying to steal another Dom's submissive

carolann_1: DJ dont talk to me like I dont know what I am talking about ok?

DJSilver Wolf: then stop with the comments

carolann_1: you stop trying to Dom me

DJSilver Wolf: I am not trying to carolann I am telling you be respectful and knock off with the comments

carolann_1: mermaid how long have you been in the lifestyle?

mermaid_1463: 25 yrs

mermaid_1463: girl trained in Gorean and BDSM

mermaid_1463: Real Time not no on line bs

carolann_1: wonderfful

carolann_1: I dont do online either

carolann_1: real or nothing

mermaid_1463: girl has known Master 7 yrs and things got in the way and now is Happy to be in His arms

michigan_babygirl: one happy girl now

mermaid_1463: yes Ma'am

Then you have people like this who can fuck up a wet dream read below

SodaPopGirl: what the hell is this?

SodaPopGirl: donna, a wedding?

SodaPopGirl: a paltalk wedding

SodaPopGirl: LMFAOOOOOOOOooooo

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flalady_1 AKA The Undertaker44 AKA Who cares_5 .......... Strikes Again


who cares_5: <<(07/27/08 1:48 AM EDT)>> so fuck you ,you old dried up piece of shit (7:38 AM)

who cares_5: <<(07/27/08 1:47 AM EDT)>> you bitch

(7:38 AM) who cares_5: <<(07/27/08 1:47 AM EDT)>> id love to piss on your grave (7:38 AM)

who cares_5: <<(07/27/08 1:47 AM EDT)>> you think you are so big and bad and 1 foot from the grave you old HAG

(7:38 AM) who cares_5: <<(07/27/08 1:46 AM EDT)>> why dont you rot in hell,you old dried up cunt bag?i hate your guts so bad id take a shit on your face you bitch

Friday, July 18, 2008

Coward gets the front page

Anonymous said...
hey fucker. This is for you. You know who you are. I know who YOU are. You have been investigated, shit-for-brains. You wanted to play hard-ball, didn't ya? You wanted to hurt people and make em nervous. So now you and your black BITCH can sit there on pins and needles, asshole. I'm telling you what. If you don't wanna behave like a good little white trash boy, then keep right up what you're doing and you'll find out what's what.

I'm not talking about blog entries against you. I'm talking about massive IRS investigations and microscopes up your ass. Legal issues and FBI probes. That's no shit. The people whose ass you tried to damage have great connections and you fucked up. This isn't some helpless victim like Florida Lady this time. This is a deep pockets mother fucker who WILL tan your ass with a good hard spanking if you keep on. So fuck off already and close this shit or pay the piper.

If you doubt what I'm saying, I will have the FBI contact VISIT your ass. They are reluctant to do it, but they will if I insist. You crossed some lines that THEY are interested in, too. This entry is not for your readers. It's for you, fucker. If you continue, I swear you will find out the meaning of harrassment. You harrass people constantly on here, like Florida Lady, Boaz, and Gary. You ARE NOT clear from retribution and payback. We know exactly who you are, what you are, and what will make you fuckin squirm... and ALL of it quite legal. You fucked up. You messed with people with MONEY and POWER. Now you're gonna find out that being a mean son-of-a-bitch isn't always quite so fun.

Fuck off and die already...

Ok asshole bring it on. Only a fucking coward would send a stupid fucking comment like the above and leave out who they are. Grow some balls and show yourself. I am right here mother fucker you dont scare me lol NOW COME AND GET SOME.

With all your money and power I am shocked you are hiding behind anonymous. Now you put up or shut up lol

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Thank You To The Summer Blog Comment Posters

Flalady: msg for Charles: neither you nor your tarbaby wife are going to enjoy the personal character assinations coming. I suggest you take all references to flalady down immediately. dont be a fool.

To the authors of this blog: from flalady

you cannot be shamed. .... you have no pride in yourselves nor respect for others. you are obviously not heart surgeons, scientists, or diplomats (or you wouldn't have time for this drivel).

you are worth nothing to this world.so crazycajun's wish for your death is actually a blessing for you (this includes charles and the other 3 of the minions) and for us, the normal people who prefer not to toss verbal feces at each other.so DIE, charles, die! you and greeneyes should really jump in a pool of frothy acid along with any progeny you might have produced.

you have crossed lines and must really get off this planet ASAP.mark my words, the crap you are stirring up will bite your ass hard, chuckie,.Keep comments regarding Flalady to yourself or suffer similarly as we reveal piece-by-piece all of your soiled little secrets.

Regards-V... for vendetta



Most of the group here have no pic on their profiles , so I assume they are ugly as they act here. Charles its about to close this blog --shit or get off the pot.Comment moderation has been enabled that proves to me that you are scared shitless . You have a right to be,

From the Blog owner:

Listen all you peices of shit this blog will be around a very long time so get used to it.

Now I know its killing you that you can only post what I allow you to post but I also know you cant stop sending the post lol.

I will continue to show what pathetic racist you are and what hateful mother fuckers you are.

So by all means keep it coming.

Summer is slow around palshit so your post are greatly needed. Some will say dont send anymore post BUT I know you cant help yourself you are a addict and you cant stop.

So in closing I want to thank each and everyone of you dumb shits for the summer post. Hahahahahahahahahahahahah

BTW! What you see on this Page today is what palshit is all about hate and more hate. They dont give a shit what is said on the program this is what they excist for.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This lowlife peice of shit and her girlfriend crazycajun have been posting peoples personal info on blogs for years they started with nutygr8zy then sally omally and now have put my last name on my blog ( not that i really give a fuck) for me. But its time they got some back and I am just the person to do it.
I will post full name's and phone number's on this blog if I see one more personal info item
I will remove comments from my blog and post your info every fucking day
So Diane and Christine be forwarned
NOW for the person who called my home I want you to call again PLEASE
You have no idea who you are fucking with you wont be able to call without showing your caller ID.
So come on you fucking coward call lets see how big you really are. Cuss me out like you did to a woman who has nothing to do with this blog or paltalk. My guess is you wont call because like I said you are a fucking COWARD
by the way my wife reported the call to the police
I await your call douche bag

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