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Friday, July 10, 2009

Looks like someone is craving attention WELL lets give him some

OK just a little clarification for the skank squad.... chucky..greeneyes the mother of the year...not.. and mags the failed lap band surgery specialist..and any other idiot who thinks paltalk is so important lol

This is my new name and here is why... i currently am a member of a great organization...know as 9/12 coalition and the name Francis Marion dates back to the legendary Swamp fox a great American hero... so if you think I'm running from the 3 skankateers well please don't worry so please add this name to your list so you can track my every move.(pathetic isn't it their so worried about a screen name that kick their little and big asses all over the place..

OH by the way please feel free to come in and chat where I am its not hard to find me,god your pathetic little trolls for sure...lonesome dove had it right about all of you...I'm sorry i didn't listen to her earlier.

OK lets summarise... Francis Marion is m1tank...so lets commence with the cowardly nicks and come and attack me like you try to do...its funny to watch how you react to blogs that's why i will just write this one little piece to clarify that I'm not at all worried about a fat lady a dead beat mom or a janitor in a hospital...

Have a nice day.
Posted by Eric at

Charles says:

Its funny everyone knew you had the new nic dumbass. The problem was that you didnt want anyone to know. How do I know you may ask. Well let me tell you tankie I came into your little room and Marion had his hand up and presto it went down faster then a $2 whore on a john's dick lol. And stayed down till I left. But then after getting tired of not taking the mic (because you love hearing yourself talk) you went to the mic and said " THIS IS M1TANK" listen stupid it wasnt a secret to anyone but you that you changed your nic and btw no one gives a fuck what name you use you are still a short useless man who again is craving attention so I will give you some maybe it will make you feel better.

If you were half the man that greeny is a woman you would be doing well

Oh Wait silly me you are half the man hahahahahahaha

Here is a video just for you tankie

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