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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tank says he doesnt read this blog, what a crock of shit hahahahahahahaha

Lets recap for tank:

Tank says:
The fair and unbalanced room is quite an array of good folks mixing and blending with wolves in sheep's clothing..

Charles says: Look Tank at least get my room name correct its The Unfair and Unbalanced Room CNY

Tank says: but as the night roles on and charles the new yorker begins to sing his Sinatra songs...

Charles says: I told you before tank I will not sing you to sleep so please stop asking

Tank says: Greeneyes with her bic lighter waving in the air as she reaches for her 10Th fag in an hour...

Charles says: I spoke to greeny about this tank and she promised not to reach for you again

Tank says: Sally PMing other demons about a new person just entering the room...Is that someone we know?? is that tank? or is it delta gent?

Charles says: Ok we now know it was Tank reading peoples PM's not paltalk

Tank says: Mags enters the room and an array of fog fills the once glowing room... she utters her first words to her new found loves...

Charles says: we now know it was tank in the room invisable all those times and not paltalk

Tank says: This room is a train wreck...so if you want a quick ;laugh or a good time go to shes taken conservative rock cafe room it has a mixture of good music and fun.

Charles says: we also now know that tanks own room is so bad he has to promote someone elses room instead of his own (really sad) :(

Tank says: FYI is brought to you by concerned chatters of america...C.C.A.

Charles says I know Eric wont see this post because he doesnt read my blog ( Eric has a bridge for sale)

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