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Sunday, February 8, 2009

We are accepting resumes to be Attila/Dove's friend and maybe more

Attila needs to get away from the computer. We are taking up a collection from other chatters to pay the winning resume to take her out on the town. You will NOT be told where to take her, but we will give you an idea where she would feel most at home the westminster dog show should be your 1st date, an added bonus is you get to meet her family.

Please send resume to

Attila has chosen to attack the only person to defend her even to me up untill she went after her on her blog. Sally has never said a bad word about you attila you fucking bitch untill you lost your fucking mind.

The following is what attila does all day long.

Attila says:
Okay, first things first. I really thought your nickname was Sally "Omally", but I was wrong and apologize for misspelling it, Miss Oamlly. Of course, YOU know how it’s spelled since it's YOUR nickname. ( we all know this douche bag never make's an error)

Attila says:

In this particular instance, if others in the room who knew ZIPPERGATE was very drunk hadn't intervened, he would have bought that green nickname for you - and you would have let him. Now I know you think I'm wrong to take the word of several people who were there, Miss Oamlly , but since you’ve lied to me before, and so many others tell a completely different version of what happened, there's a preponderance of evidence indicating that you’re lying. ( my guess is that jojo read zippergate's mind and that's how the douche bag knows this)

MOST INSIGHTFUL PERSON OF THE YEAR: jojo816 - Yup, you sure pegged THAT one, woman! You should set up your own 1-800-Psychic line! (shhh, jojo knows what I'm talking about!) ( she should she is psychic) lol

attila says:
It's in the past; water under the bridge, right? People change, people put their differences aside - they find common ground - or common enemies and even form some really weird alliances, and they're allowed to do that. ( NO you two faced fuck only you do that and a few of your two faced friends)

Attila says:
Sally went well beyond that and violated the federal wire and electronic communications interception and interception of oral communications code. The police told her that she could be transported to their jurisdiction to appear at a hearing, might be held over for trial and that she would be financially responsible for airfare – theirs and hers, as well as any court costs, fines or penalties imposed by the court. ( a friend of sodapops called sally lol)

So all Attila's friends now are her past enemies lol If you only knew attila.

I would like to post how attila really feels about the tattler it has been posted on Isa's blog but its worth posting here also ladies and gentlemen I give you Attila the Hippo-crit

Attila the Hen said... Apparently, The Tattler did good enough for you to log on, pull up the URL, obtain a user name and write in, Lynn. Apparently, you don't understand the definition of the word demise. It means death, and The Tattler is still among us, alive and well, in no small part thanks to people like you.

The Tattler hurt no one. I challenge you to name one person who died, who had to be hospitalized, whose relationship was destroyed or whose life was forever changed because of The Tattler. People cannot be hurt, particularly by something of this nature ONLINE, unless they ALLOW themselves to be hurt. It's a conscious decision and a foolish one if they do take it so to heart that they're 'hurt'. That The Tattler impacted our lives is not in dispute. They gave us something to look forward to each day, something to talk about, laugh about and most importantly, think about. Our human foibles, narrowmindedness, pack instinct, hatreds, foolishness and yes, sometimes outright stupidity was pointed out, but always in a well-written, humorous and at times brilliant manner. The Tattler also went out of their way to show us the human kindness and compassion of those among us too. I feel sorry for you, Lynn. In the famous words of Godot, "You just don't get it."

Attila the Hen

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