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Sunday, November 16, 2008

A love song to the Tattler

This is our very own lonesomedove before and after her extreme makeover

On a day like today We passed the time away Writing love letters to the tattler. How you cried when I died Each time I saw the emails Take our love letters to the tattler.

CHORUS You made a vow that you would come help me mend But somehow that made me even sicker Now my stomach is better because you thought I died from your love letters to the tattler Now my stomach is better because you thought i died from you love letters to the tattler So now its pay back time with your ugly blog on line From love letters to the tattler

The very lonesomedove new Blog


1. You have to sign your posts using your recognized nickname.

2. Posts can be made in two different ways: The old-fashioned way, as a comment or you can send an email

3. If I find out that someone is an imposter using somebody else's nickname, the comment or post will be deleted.

4. No personal information such as last names, home addresses or telephone numbers are allowed. Other than that, knock your lights out!

5. the following individuals aren't allowed to post anything here:


If necessary, other names will be added to the list.

Wow attila so many rule's

You do understand that no one will comment with there paltalk nic except the losers you hang with lol

I find it funny that NOW you have your name on your blog. I am flattered you are finaly following my lead good girl.

Listen up folks if you are too dumb to see what attila the douche bag has just done to MagnoliaMiss by saving text and throwing her under the bus I hope she does the samething to you. This is the true attila she will save all your pm's and use them against you later. She has zero loyalty to anyone but herself.

And for fucks sake attila get a photo of yourself on your profile from this decade

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