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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This lowlife peice of shit and her girlfriend crazycajun have been posting peoples personal info on blogs for years they started with nutygr8zy then sally omally and now have put my last name on my blog ( not that i really give a fuck) for me. But its time they got some back and I am just the person to do it.
I will post full name's and phone number's on this blog if I see one more personal info item
I will remove comments from my blog and post your info every fucking day
So Diane and Christine be forwarned
NOW for the person who called my home I want you to call again PLEASE
You have no idea who you are fucking with you wont be able to call without showing your caller ID.
So come on you fucking coward call lets see how big you really are. Cuss me out like you did to a woman who has nothing to do with this blog or paltalk. My guess is you wont call because like I said you are a fucking COWARD
by the way my wife reported the call to the police
I await your call douche bag

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