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Friday, February 27, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sound advise from USC!!!!! I will no longer be giving m1wanker the attention whore anymore space on my blog after this post

USC stay at home and enjoy your ham radio just leave things alone because you may think you have it down but trust me it can get real ugly...

I typically ignore the blogs and don't bother responding to anything on them but DAMN, when that was forwarded to me last night I laughed so hard diet coke came out of my nose!

I've never before been threatened by someone who kills insects for a living on a poorly written, riddled with spelling, grammar and punctuation errors POS blog.

I'm sure your lady friends consider you quite the man right about now Eric, but personally I found it hysterical.

Everyone I talk to on Pal knows I work for a big international bank. BFD.

Everyone knows big international banks have employee cafeteria's. BFD.

Everyone also knows I'm into amateur radio and that's my main hobby and I enjoy the heck out of it so much I'm typically not on Paltalk except for weekends. Again, BFD.

Did you really think threatening me with "information" everyone I talk to on Pal already knows about me would somehow intimidate me?

Here's reality for you Eric: I've been ignoring your spat with everyone else online for quite awhile now and I don't frequent your room because frankly son, I think you're a low-life piece of shit. I think you're a liar, a fake, and a fraud who thinks they can bullshit their way through anything.

When I run across low-life pieces of shit like you whether it's online or in REAL LIFE (one which I suggest you get, quickly) I tend to IGNORE them. I don't engage low-life pieces of shit like you in any sort of discourse much less waste my time blogging about them. But hey, if you and your lady friends wish to think so, knock yourselves out. I frankly don't give a small, experimental furry rodents behind (translation for you: rats ass) what you or your running buddies think of me or any of my friends on Pal.

That's just the reality of the situation, so suck it up boy and move on.

I won't be wasting any more of my valuable time responding to your nonsense and I damn' sure wish others wouldn't waste their time on you either. It's obvious to anyone with half a functioning brain that you're in desperate need of attention, and like any other beaten and battered child as I'm sure you must've been, negative attention is better than none at all in your case.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

m1wanker and his team show up for a job

Anonymous said...

... wait they can find out I have the school e-mail site...

A threat?
I'm very doubtful if you have anything M1.

And as far as 5000 hits, where's your counter? lol More lies M1?

M1 told someone that newfieishome is also a writer on his blog, doubtful there too she is never on paltalk.

He was also heard talking badly about another user raven a while back saying she was old and sick and lacked in brains.

raven is in better health than you are m1 at least in the brain department.

Think hard Magnolia miss because your next move may not be the one to make.

Another threat from Eric Larson.
But you like making threats on women, don't you M1
M1 why is it your daughter is no longer wih you? Not that you were a good father, to leave a nineteen year old to babysit a what eight year old, while you roamed the world. You sure won't get Father of the Year.

And what about that wife or ex wife, what did you do to her M1 to make her leave?

Maybe we could ask your son.

Sleep well M1

Anonymous said...

I really and honestly think m1 is a retard lol

Now he is threating women lol what a fucking coward.

He is 5 ft tall as ugly as one of the rats he chases around on his hands and knees.

The man is all alone, has no one

Just a sad little retard living alone in a dumpy apartment.

He looks like he never washes.

His face looks like its been run over by a truck

Seems to be he has none or very little teeth.

And a job chasing rats lmao and seems to me he found a few

From USC

USConservative: But you know, anyone that's been in our bank's cafeteria KNOWS I don't eat there. The food SUCKS!!!!

USConservative: Somewhere in your blinding blizzard of truth-telling to Mr. Rodent Killer, can you mention I don't eat in the Cafeteria? I can afford to go out and get a real meal.

USConservative: As for the rest of his bullshit towards me, I don't care. Threatening someone over a blog is so ...... gay.

USConservative: As far as the blog goes, I don't own it, and I don't write it.

m1wanker says:
Greeneyes, Charles, and starlyn teaming up to inform the paltalk few that there words matter

Charles says: Starlyn isnt on paltalk that much these day BUT I would pick her over you as a friend in a heartbeat.

m1wanker says: Charles sends his little girls out to check on the rooms as he sits in his room waiting for a report and taking a phonics test ... 5th grade exam.

Charles says: Look you fucking coward I came into your room and you dotted and bounced me like the little fat girl you are. You run every fucking time i open my room. Why people ask? I will tell you why. Because you are a chicken shit little fat fuck thats why. You are welcome in my room anytime you want to grow some balls girly man. I wont be a coward like you and attack you while you are dotted like you did to me. So anytime ratboy you want to be a ratman I am here.

BTW you dont scare anyone with your threats. My guess is that the women you threaten can kick your fat ass all over paltalk.

I wont hold my breath waiting for you to man up fat girl

Sunday, February 22, 2009




Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well worth Posting again

Dear Tattler,

As you know, I never really get upset when people say or write things about me …. In fact I generally get a chuckle out of it. This is why I seldom respond to anything said about me. I hate to use this blog as a sounding board so if you choose not to post this on the blog, my feelings won’t be hurt.

I was rather disappointed that M1, that I really don’t know well, decided to drag a family member into the blog wars. I was even more disappointed that Buck didn’t tell the whole story about my son to M1.

My son was sent to CSATF- Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, located at a State Prison, for a first time DUI. The reason this subject came up was that Buck claimed in his state people got multiple DUI’s, as many as 5 or 6, and they never were incarcerated. I responding it isn’t like that in California, that a first time DUI can be tried as a felony at the discretion of the County DA. Of course Buck told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. Which pissed me off because I have done so much research on the subject. Instead of considering the source and knowing that Buck thinks no one knows anything….. I opened my Big Mouth and shared the story of what happened to my son.

My son was stopped going home from a family bar-b-que and registered .08% alcohol on the breathalyzer (driving under the influence).

17 years earlier, when my son was 17 years old he was stopped with a very small amount of cocaine and arrested. At that time any drug arrest was a felony, there weren’t any diversion programs and so he was charged with a felony possession. He was tried as an adult and spent 21 days in road camp.

Seventeen years later, my son pleaded guilty to the felony DUI which made it a second felony offense (Second Strike). Being convicted of a Second Strike is a mandatory 3 years. My son was sentenced to 3 years. At CSATF my son attended all classes and programs available to him. While he was there he also established and ran 2 new programs for the inmates. Because he had no blemishes on his record and because he was so active working with fellow inmates, he was released from CSATF after 11 months and 6 days.

My son was released 18 months ago and has completed ADCA - Alcohol/Drug Counseling Aide, CADCA - Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Associate, CADC I - Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Level I and is now working in the field.

Your Friend and a Very Proud Mother,

Tank you are indeed a lowlife fucking scumbag


Here is another scumbag below

flalady_1 says, I am voting for Frisson for Mother of the year . I know how proud you must be

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Coward shows how dumb he is AGAIN

m1skank writes

We can do this all day trolls,.all day, I truelly dont have issue with making your little lives meaningless so keep thinking that I care because well I dont.

Charles says:

If you dont care why did you go on and on in your pathetic blog talking about us after you wrote the above? You truly are a dumb little shit.

By the way m1skank its not just my room chatters flock to its any room as long as you arent in it. But again you are to stupid to know that.

Fact is people who are on paltalk all day will go into any room thats open, YES even yours. But as soon as someone else opens they leave. Ask yourself why and get back to me.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Not everyone is the Tattler or the "crew" whoever they are

LOL everyone was having a good time in the coffee shop chat room today until tornado voiced his opinion on the low lifes raven and m1 tank.
he told them both what he thought of them and then some. And all of it was true.

m1tanks stupid illierate blog was brought up omg this man needs spelling and grammar lessons in the worse way.
a few people in the room told m1 tank what they thought of him lmao and right away he said it was the tattler crew hahahhaa it wasnt anyone from the tattler, just people exposing him and his childish behavior.

the man is P A R A N O I D lol
Now he has a room called

Coffee Shack and working under the table.

aiming the name at tornado.

If m1 had even a quarter of the IQ that tornado has he wouldnt be out there killing rats and cockroaches.

You are a low life scum m1 a childish immature idiot.

and btw m1 ran out of the room when he thought the tattler "crew" was in there lmao
what a coward hahahahaa

lol he was close to crying when he took the mic saying see see its the tattler crew hahhaahhaa


Sunday, February 8, 2009

We are accepting resumes to be Attila/Dove's friend and maybe more

Attila needs to get away from the computer. We are taking up a collection from other chatters to pay the winning resume to take her out on the town. You will NOT be told where to take her, but we will give you an idea where she would feel most at home the westminster dog show should be your 1st date, an added bonus is you get to meet her family.

Please send resume to

Attila has chosen to attack the only person to defend her even to me up untill she went after her on her blog. Sally has never said a bad word about you attila you fucking bitch untill you lost your fucking mind.

The following is what attila does all day long.

Attila says:
Okay, first things first. I really thought your nickname was Sally "Omally", but I was wrong and apologize for misspelling it, Miss Oamlly. Of course, YOU know how it’s spelled since it's YOUR nickname. ( we all know this douche bag never make's an error)

Attila says:

In this particular instance, if others in the room who knew ZIPPERGATE was very drunk hadn't intervened, he would have bought that green nickname for you - and you would have let him. Now I know you think I'm wrong to take the word of several people who were there, Miss Oamlly , but since you’ve lied to me before, and so many others tell a completely different version of what happened, there's a preponderance of evidence indicating that you’re lying. ( my guess is that jojo read zippergate's mind and that's how the douche bag knows this)

MOST INSIGHTFUL PERSON OF THE YEAR: jojo816 - Yup, you sure pegged THAT one, woman! You should set up your own 1-800-Psychic line! (shhh, jojo knows what I'm talking about!) ( she should she is psychic) lol

attila says:
It's in the past; water under the bridge, right? People change, people put their differences aside - they find common ground - or common enemies and even form some really weird alliances, and they're allowed to do that. ( NO you two faced fuck only you do that and a few of your two faced friends)

Attila says:
Sally went well beyond that and violated the federal wire and electronic communications interception and interception of oral communications code. The police told her that she could be transported to their jurisdiction to appear at a hearing, might be held over for trial and that she would be financially responsible for airfare – theirs and hers, as well as any court costs, fines or penalties imposed by the court. ( a friend of sodapops called sally lol)

So all Attila's friends now are her past enemies lol If you only knew attila.

I would like to post how attila really feels about the tattler it has been posted on Isa's blog but its worth posting here also ladies and gentlemen I give you Attila the Hippo-crit

Attila the Hen said... Apparently, The Tattler did good enough for you to log on, pull up the URL, obtain a user name and write in, Lynn. Apparently, you don't understand the definition of the word demise. It means death, and The Tattler is still among us, alive and well, in no small part thanks to people like you.

The Tattler hurt no one. I challenge you to name one person who died, who had to be hospitalized, whose relationship was destroyed or whose life was forever changed because of The Tattler. People cannot be hurt, particularly by something of this nature ONLINE, unless they ALLOW themselves to be hurt. It's a conscious decision and a foolish one if they do take it so to heart that they're 'hurt'. That The Tattler impacted our lives is not in dispute. They gave us something to look forward to each day, something to talk about, laugh about and most importantly, think about. Our human foibles, narrowmindedness, pack instinct, hatreds, foolishness and yes, sometimes outright stupidity was pointed out, but always in a well-written, humorous and at times brilliant manner. The Tattler also went out of their way to show us the human kindness and compassion of those among us too. I feel sorry for you, Lynn. In the famous words of Godot, "You just don't get it."

Attila the Hen

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ravenn defends Eric

USConservative: a wanker, a midget, and someone with green teeth... (sounds like a bad menage au trois)

From the lawfirm of:Dewey, Cheatham & Howe50 Park Ave.New York City, NY 10010

Dear Mr. NewYork,

My name is Adam Dewey and I represent Mr. USConservative. We have been retained by Mr. USConservative in the matter of copyright and trademark infringement by you against Mr. USConservative.

As you know, Mr. USConservative's comments on a certain internet chat program which you and he both frequent are subject to trademark and copyright laws. In fact, Mr. USConservative just this morning, 07 February 2009 at 8:43am CST posted a notice in internet chat that his comments are (c)2009 all rights reserved. This notice was posted for all to see in the "Coffee Shop Talk" room owned by "grunto."

Shortly after his posting of that notice, your web page known as the "Social Issues Truth Blog" (herewith known as "crappy blog") posted Mr. USConservative's comments without his knowledge or consent.

When the fact that those comments were posted on your crappy blog were brought to Mr. USConservative's knowledge by yourself, our client specifically asked you to remove them from your crappy blog.

We at Dewey, Cheatham & Howe have been retained by Mr. USConservative to sue you for copyright and trademark infringement against MR. USConservative (c)2009 all rights reserved, on your crappy blog.

You are hereby notified that you are in violation of copyrights and trademarks held by Mr. USConservative, and that our client intends to vigorously defend his copyrights and trademarks to the fullest extent of the law.

You are therefore hereby requested to remove such copyrighted and trademarked material as owned by Mr. USConservative, including the comment "USConservative: a wanker, a midget, and someone with green teeth... (sounds like a bad menage au trois)" from your crappy blog by 5pm CST on Saturday, 07 Feb. 2009 and pay Mr. USConservative the sum of $10,000 US Dollars in damages.

If you fail to comply with our demands we shall have no choice but to pursue the matter in the highest court of law available and ensure that your crappy blog ceases and decists in copyright and trademark infringement against our client.

Respectfully,Mr. Adam Dewey, ESQ.Dewey, Cheatham & Howe

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last word on my blog for the Coward m1tank

When you grow a set of balls like a real man see me on paltalk. Dont make the women fight for you. Although they do put up a better fight then you ever could.

One more thing stupid lol kissing attila's ass wont get you on her good side, although she may use you for a spell lol smooth move

Monday, February 2, 2009

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