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Wednesday, September 10, 2008



Watch This Video And remember


ravenn said...

Beautiful memorial for the men and women who lost their lives that horrible day Charles
They made this nation of ours stronger
God bless those who lost their lives that horrific day
God bless the families that dealt with losing a loved one
The bravery
Will always be remembered

Anonymous said...

Never Forget

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

ravenn's cunt smells like tuna, Charles gay marine little green men dick's is lumpy.This blog must be shutdown

Anonymous said...

Charles can still smell the shit on his fingers.

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The anticipation's been killing him. Today about noon charles had to take a shit. he decided to hold onto it. At lunch it was a gentle pressure. By Mid-afternoon it was a distracting need -charles was squirming in his chair. By the time he headed home it was a constant need. By the end of his commute the alarm bells were ringing. It was time to *go*! Still he held onto it.

from charles own diary:

"I did my e-mail, barely able to concentrate long enough to finish a sentence. Finally, it was time... I wandered to the bathroom, considering the scene I was about to do. I cranked the shower up to full hot and closed the door, retiring to my bedroom.

For some reason, having a smoke always makes me have to shit. Just to be a little cruel to myself, I lit up. I sat and smoked and thought about what I was going to do. I wandered over to my toy chest. I rummaged around a bit and pulled out one of my smaller dildos, about 2" x 10". I grabbed some poppers, a tube of KY, and a few paper towels, finished my smoke, and headed back to the bathroom. The need to piss was growing now too, adding to the urgency.

It was like a sauna in there, just right. I cut the hot water and pulled the shower curtains back out of the way. I pulled a little pedestal over to the side of the tub and put down my supplies. Carefully I stripped, leaving my clothes as far from the tub as I could.

I took a deep breath and climbed into the tub.

Squatting in the tub, I let my piss flow. The warm yellow stream trickled down the white porcelain. The rich smell of it rose and I took a deep breath. I took a lazy hold on my hard dick and let the flow trickle over my hand. When the flow ended I licked my palm. The taste wasn't as strong as I'd hoped.

Time to get down to business. I reached over and grabbed my dildo. I gave it as little lube as I thought I could get away with and planted it on the floor of the tub between my feet. Slowly I lowered my butt. I felt the tip of the toy kiss my ass lips and start to spread them. I took a hit of the poppers and sunk onto the rod.

The sensation was delicious. I felt the shit pushed aside, spreading to make space for the latex dick. I slid down the first eight inches of it and then gave the little twitch of my hips that let it make the rest of the trip in. My balls rested on those at the base of the dildo. Suddenly I realized it wasn't enough. It was too easy, I needed more.

Cursing, I gingerly stepped out of the tub. Dildo still wagging in my ass I walked back to my bedroom, dug into the toy chest, and pulled out the tool for the job. Not my biggest, but still a hefty tool, this toy measured about 3" x 10".

Carefully, I walked back to the tub. I put the big tool in front of me and slowly pulled the smaller one out of my ass. I held my ass tight for the last inch, not wanting to loose any of my shit. The pink toy came out with an almost solid coating of brown. I placed it beside it's brother in front of me and the rich smell of shit started to fill the room.

I lubed up the monster and positioned it under my butt. I took a hit of poppers and then leaned forward to take a deep smell of the shit-covered toy in front of me. It smelled so good, I wanted more of that smell. I reached out with a finger, grabbed a good dab of shit, and smeared it under my nose.

As the popper rush hit me I sunk down onto the 3-incher behind me. Ahhh, so good. I went as slow as I could, just to prolong the stretch as it plowed into my ass. Oh, yeah, that was more like it. Now my ass was really full. I stopped with the plug about halfway in, pulled off it, and sunk right back down. Fuck yeah.

I leaned forward and picked up the smaller, shit-covered toy. I brought it up to my face, smelling it. It was like a shit lollipop. I dared myself to take a lick. I put my tongue out and forced myself to bring the brown rod to my lips, taking a quick swipe with my tongue. I felt it more than tasted it. I felt my tongue coated with the thick stuff. That was the most shit I'd ever taken in my mouth. Emboldened, I took another hit of poppers and gave it another really good lick, wiping part of the dildo clean with my tongue. The mental shock was greater than the shock of the taste. It tasted... brown, kind of flat. Not bad at all.

Still rushing on the poppers, I sunk down further on the fat rod in my ass. The further I went, the harder my dick got. I freed one hand from bracing me against the side of the tub and started to jerk myself off. My ass felt so good! It was stuffed full with a giant dick and a big load of shit -- I wanted more!

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I reached down and pinned the base of the dildo to the bottom of the tub, then I started to fuck myself with it. Long strokes, almost all the way off and then *all* the way back down. I felt the shit getting churned in my ass.

I leaned back in the tub and reveled in the sensation for a moment. God that felt hot! I wasn't done yet, not by a long shot. I flexed my guts and slowly let the brown beast slide out of my ass. Just before it came out I reached down and shoved it back in. Baby! That felt good! Finally, I let the monster ooze all the way out, again holding my ass tight for the last few inches -- I had plans for that shit.

I put the toys side by side at the front end of the tub where I could see them and rested for a bit. The shit-stink was heavy in the humid room now. Sweat rolled off my body. I was relaxed and energized at the same time. Time for the next stage of the scene.

Not wanting to loose the relaxation just yet, I stayed leaning back and just concentrated on opening my ass. Slowly, I felt the shit start to ooze out. I felt the warm pile of it grow between my ass, the tub, and my thighs. With that feeling and the increased smell my dick climbed back to attention. I started to stroke it and my heart rate began to climb.

I grabbed more poppers, sat up, and then sunk down with my butt in the middle of the pile. Warm shit oozed out under my ass and glued it to the tub. I bore down and pushed the last of the shit out of my ass, feeling it fill my crack.

I reached down and played with the load a little. After the churning I'd given it with the dildos I was surprised to find one good-sized log left in the warm pile. Suddenly, I wasn't happy to have the shit all out of me. I wanted it back -- I wanted to play with it more! Desperately, I took the log in my hand an slid it back in like a mini-dildo. Then I reached down and plunged my fingers back into the stinking pile. I scooped up a handful, feeling it ooze, and crammed it back into my ass. Yeah, good! I grabbed more and shoved it back in. Scoop after scoop, I worked my whole load back inside.

Now I was really turned on! My dick was throbbing, ready to blow. I kept on stroking it with my clean hand and reached back with the brown one. Now I pushed the load of shit back out, catching the warm pile in my hand. I brought it around to my face and squeezed, watching the brown mud flow between my fingers. I took a deep whiff and that was it, I had to come. I grabbed my dick with the hand full of shit and it was all over. Pearly white cum mixed with shit and covered my dick. I howled like a demon and pumped my load into the rich mix.


It always happens. Whenever I play scat games, after I come, there's a moment of revulsion. I laid back in the tub and looked down on the mess I'd made and though, "You twisted fuck." Tonight though, it was different. The revulsion was followed by a feeling a triumph. I'd pushed my limits out a little further, passed some line. I was ready for Tuesday night.

With my one clean hand, I hooked the shower curtains back into place and turned on the shower. The hot water cascaded down over me and slowly started to wash the shit away. Cleanup took a lot longer than I'd expected, but I reveled in it -- putting off the moment when I had to reach for the soap and break the enveloping smell of shit-stink with the too-sweet smell of soap and shampoo.

It was a good night, and, like I said, I can still smell the shit on my fingers. "

Charles gay marine little green men and Ravenn the pooh eater should not have a blog.write to ur congressmen and women to have this slutty blog shut down

Anonymous said...

charles be a man, admit defeat.

You have made a fool of yourself for many years viciously attacking older and respectable women.you have shown envy and resentment at the success of greater men like Gary and Boaz, you have exposed Your wildest sexual fantasies to the world about ravenn( a woman of ill repute fixated with your poop hole),you have also exposed your homosexual fantasies about other Paltalk'men.

Your reliance on scatological fetishes to seek approval from society also has failed and about your passion for eating excrements let me just say this it's not a good way to connect with people plus it gives you bad breath.
Charles ,raise above your failures,its your opportunity now to repent and do good for humanity.
Admit defeat, only 4 to 6 people come here, not a big loss.They are tired of coming to this blog and read about endless porn stories, gossips,Ravenn daily sexual adventures her hang ups about the scent of her famous and busy vagina.They are tired about the lies about flalady,they are tired of lewd gross and abusive social conducts on the internet.
charles raise above your failures and close that blog for the common good of humanity.
God bless America

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