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Friday, October 24, 2008

Lets see if the SIP has the guts

If all the chatters who think attila is the SIP are wrong and you are a friend to your lonestar honey come clean and show some guts. Put your paltalk name we all know you by on your site and admit who you are. My guess is you dont have the guts because you are a coward.

BTW before your dumbass says ( why doesnt the tattler say who they are?) I am not the tattler and my name is on my blog.


Come on show yourself and lets see how you are treated in social issues, after all you have made fun of EVERYONE.

We will be waiting we will NOT hold our breath

From The SIP Comments Section
. Now, what has the Amalgamated SIP found to write about besides The Tattler and Charles? Nothing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I dont see one response, not even from the SIP her self but she sure as hell has a lot to say on her junk blog.
Dove ahs been proven over and over again to be a liar and a two faced piece of shit.
Stabbing her friends in the back over and over.

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