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Monday, November 24, 2008

From The paltalk Roundup Blog

A break from the bs room... A total flop there was more bs in there then many rooms combined.

Note.... To think we can all get along is a mere dream, we need to at least understand that paltalk has so many characters from all walks of life.

First of all you wernt in my room unless you were hiding.

Second: Its your short comings if you cant spend a couple hours in a room with people you have seen on this program for years without making a total ass of yourself.

Third: I dont see how my room was a failure if someone had to make a private room to talk about my room.

Now I understand if you choose not to take part in a room but why put other's down who choose to enjoy a room once in a while without fighting , bouncing, and dotting.

You should be very proud of yourself

And BTW everything isnt political sometimes its OK to have some fun and a decent conversation with people you dont always agree with.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas


NANISHOME2000 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL,especially my friends, AND, even those who read this and it makes them angry, we know GOD loves you!!!

Anonymous said...

have removed the bulk of this post because unless you read the Tattler's blog last night, it just won't make any sense to you. Suffice to say, that despite what the Tattler said, I did NOT do just what they wanted me to do. Thinking to embarrass me by posting what they claimed to be a PM between the Tattler and me, but X'ing out Miss_Alaska's name wasn't exactly a stroke of genius - especially since I saved the PM and posted it in its entirety, but oops! Unlike them, I completely forgot to X her name and in so doing erased any doubt from the minds of those with at least half a brain. If anyone wasn't sure before, they are now. In fact it was such an utterly stupid move on their part that we can smell desperation in the air. They're squirming more than a good night crawler stuck on a hook only they're the ones who got caught

More LIES from Attila

You removed the bulk of the blog because google was going to shut you're blog down because you posted personal information on it.

Now i know why your're nose is so big Pinocchio.

Get over it...ffs said...

the people who did not frequent your room did so because they didn't want to. We all have choices..no matter who it angers. It wasn't cowardly, it was personal choice. at the end of the day YOU will have to accept it that the rooms YOU are banned from are in fact off limits to YOU!!! no matter how much harrassing you do, people can choose who they want in their own respective rooms, get over it!!! stop crying because people are tired of your whiny ass!!! And btw who gives a fuck about the tattler or any other stupid blog?

CharlesNewYork said...

Get over it...ffs said... And btw who gives a fuck about the tattler or any other stupid blog?

You must care or why would you post here lol dumbass

Get over it already said...

your wrong i don't care--and you know what- I don't have to care!!! blocking and bouncing and banning is good. Some people don't want to be part of the "blog" hypocrisy. Spread this around-- everyone on pal is not afraid of you or any other bullies who think spewing lies on a web page will intimidate users enough to bow to the bullies!! say what you want, if you want acces to all rooms then learn some common courtesy fuckwad!!

CharlesNewYork said...

Oh you care lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, open a non political room more often, and have fun! Who cares what the tatttler says! Shoot, the only ones worried about that, or any other blog, are the people that take themselves waaay too seriously. When the internet is no longer fun, why, leave it. Save your money folks.

Anonymous said...

Wait a darn minute. You folks on on a blog, complaining about a blog and whining about a whiner and you don't get it?

You say you can block the people you want, sure as shit you can, and Charles can call you fucking cowards for doing it, sure as shit can.

You whine just as much as anyone, in fact all of you are whiners.

If you don't like the blogs dont read them. if you dont like someone put them on ignore and if you can't do either get off your computer, you're too dumb to have one.

Anonymous said...

Charles is like an old woman and he pretends to be an ex marine.what a fucking joke.some bloggers needs to go back to the kitchen where they belong.
Trash is you ask me.

First of all Charles is a Marine
He fought for YOU AND YOU'RE family
Every man in the US should be doing the same NOT protesting it as some have

He has the guts and the love of HIS Country and believes in freedom

I'm thinking who ever YOU are does not have the guts or you dont have a Marine in your family

You probably sit there behind your computet all day bashing OUR Troops

You probably have wimps or fags for sons, you definilty dont have anyone in Iraq or someone who has NEVER beed to war.

S0 your not worth shit nor are your cowards that you call men in your family.

Anonymous said...



Semper Fi


I am a small and precious child, my Dads been sent to fight...
The only place I'll see his face, is in my dreams late at night.
He will be gone far too many days For my young mind to keep track.
I may be sad, but I am proud.
Because My Daddy's got your back.......

I am a caring mother.
My son has gone to war...
My mind is filled with worries
That I have never known before
Everyday I try to keep
my thoughts from turning black.
I may be scared, but I am proud.
Because My son has got your back......

I am a strong and loving wife, with a husband soon to go.
There are times I'm terrified in a way most will never know.
I bite my lip, and force a smile as I watch my husband pack...
My heart may break to pieces, but I am proud.
Because My husbands got your back......

I am a Marine, Soldier, Sailor & Airman......Serving Proudly, Standing Tall.
I fight for Freedom, Yours and Mine by answering this call.
I do my job while knowing, the thanks it sometimes lacks.
Please Say a prayer that I'll come home soon.
Because it's me who's got your back.....

Anonymous said...

i think i know who that is bashing the marines
and i will prove it

Anonymous said...

A nic Told you_so had a locked room about gay marines early this morningm if you find out who that is you have the person or persons thast are bashing the marines.

Anonymous said...

The nic had Told you_so had another room opened about greeneyes

I would take a wild guess and say
Told you_so is flalady

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You have sunk lower the you ever have flalady.

This bashing our troops will not be forgotten.

If there are gay Marines they are still fighting and endangering their lives for you and those you love.

Anonymous said...

What are you people afraid of

Anonymous said...

The writers of this blog agree to disagree on certain issues yet we do agree that spies are running around to fuel the fire of the blog writers of the tattler and social issues blog.I Know the e-pluribus loves to comment about folks on a regular basis in the tattler so stop with the games that you dont know whats going on.


Anonymous said...

This blog is authored by very good folks, it takes the time to be fair in its assessment of what takes place... get over yourself. The ego of the blog writers in the tattler and the social issues blog seem very upset when there attacked, hmmmmmm amazing isnt it how it turns when you are put on the carpet?

IsabellaSays said...

HEY!! I didn't DO nothing, i didn't spy nothing, i didn't say nothing, i didn't post nothing
nnnnnnnnnnothing !!! i just read them!!
:) hi charles :)

Anonymous said...

dont look dwn is the owner of SIP and gave it to attila the cunt

Anonymous said...

I honestly think Attila has lost it.

Have not seen her on-line, i wonder what she will have to say this time.
What lies will she try to get people to believe.

The funniest thing ever was when she said she saved an elderly lady from certain death by pushing her out of the way of a car and good old Tilly taking the brunt.


Anonymous said...

ravenn's cunt smells like tuna, can't get enough of that joke! hahahahahahahaha
gossipy Charles can't take the heat hahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you

Anonymous said...

Chuck, u need to close down ur blog.Do what u normally do to save face,ban all comments and go back to ur monogamous rants on ur other blog.No one will be able to trash u as it drives u mad to be on the receiving hand of gossips.
There's life beyond gutterish blogs.Try it

Anonymous said...

Ravenn and Chuck are Paltalk Bonnie and Clyde, last seen hiding in a farmhouse in Idaho hahahahahahahaha
$3.75 reward for these outlaws hahahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I saw someones car in someones drivway in NC today.

Anonymous said...

flaladys cunt smells like tuna, can't get enough of that joke! hahahahahahahaha

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