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Sunday, November 16, 2008

A love song to the Tattler

This is our very own lonesomedove before and after her extreme makeover

On a day like today We passed the time away Writing love letters to the tattler. How you cried when I died Each time I saw the emails Take our love letters to the tattler.

CHORUS You made a vow that you would come help me mend But somehow that made me even sicker Now my stomach is better because you thought I died from your love letters to the tattler Now my stomach is better because you thought i died from you love letters to the tattler So now its pay back time with your ugly blog on line From love letters to the tattler


Anonymous said...

Is this the woman that claims to be in her forties?
She was in high school in the forties maybe.

CharlesNewYork said...

Who's a coward? Charles NY is.

Funny. He sent me a message to check a blog that bears his name. Then he logged off. I was the first to see that his blog calls me names. I was also the first to post a comment. I posted a comment basically telling him to get a life. The Coward, Charles NY deleted it.

Auggie the doggie I guess you are really that stupid lol I didnt log off dumbass I blocked your stupid ass.

And yes i did delete your dumb post fuckwad do you think I am going to let you post on ny blog you simple mother fucker lol guess again.

BTW did you help dovey pay for her makeover if so I would demand my pennies back pussy boy

The Tattler said...

Attila the Hen said...
scarlet, I'll vouch for you. This wasn't planned - not at all. That's why I said I couldn't have planned it better - and to be perfectly honest, if I had thought about it beforehand, I probably would have tried. But, it took a while before what happened sunk in because I didn't, so when the significance of it dawned, it was like, "Oh, my God, I can't believe they're that stupid and scar and fire busted them without even trying!"

So, while I understand what you're saying, you have to admit that considering it was the very people telling you how stupid you were the night before, watching the two mental midgets bust themselves is funny and you should feel very gratified!

Attila you lying sack of shit. First post is you were part of the "set up" now you say it was happenstance. You were caught again because Scarlet didn't back up your bullshit. You are a liar. A liar. You said "this blog is for rebuttal. You liar. Everyone knows your SIP ended when you started a Tattler copy. You did this once before and failed, and you will gain. Why? Because you are a liar. A liar with no brain and no moral compass.

Anonymous said...

August West has no balls.

Anonymous said...

August West has no balls.

Yes he does, but they are in attilas mouth and she is controlling him.

Anonymous said...

lmao thats attila?

fuckin ugly

Anonymous said...

I was in Zips room. Isabellah came around. She remembered and laughed at the humor the original tatttler had. The current team is pathetic.

Will you ever stop lying August. Isabellah said she has always loved the tatttler and no more than when she was in it.

you puke

Integrity said...

Hasn't Tammy Faye Baker suffered enough?....Blog exploiting the dead who suufered ...not funny!!

Anonymous said...

suufered ???

Tammy Faye was a fake and a crook

Anonymous said...

Is August Gay ? He sure whines like a girl and talks like one

Anonymous said...

Actually auggy i told you that i didnt drink, because you had said that tanks room was nothing but a bunch of drunks.

You lied

Most of us in there do not drink or do drugs which a crazy old bag has insinuated but that thing isnt even worth mentioning.

You were always welcomed in tanks room by everyone there.

And the argument between scarlet and newfie was due and was really none of your business.

If scar looks half as good as the women in tanks room when she is our age she willhave at least accomplished something.

She will be that "old hag"
probably sooner then she thinks.

I can remember scarlet coming into a room one time and someone asked after looking at her pic is she was a guy.

Look in the mirror scarlet you aint all that.

In fact your a big nothing witht he way you act for a woman your age.
Grow up.

I wont say anymore scarlet but i do know you sometimes play both sides.



Anonymous said...

By the way dove, i didnt mention you because you're just not worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

egadddddddddd what is that picture
is that attila?
jesus h christ why would god make something that ugly

Anonymous said...

Tornado says
the tattler should be mad bob for hush puppys.

We think tornado should get a job lazy ass excuse for a man.

Anonymous said...

If you've been wondering what that smell is, it's just CharlesNewYork and the Tattler. Get out your gas masks and spray the Oust! because every piece that's peeled away from this rotten onion exposes a stinky layer... And another one will be torn away tonight!

OUST? if your home is clean you dont need sprays or anything else to hide an odor.

Maybe you should take the time to clean attila.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was in a room the other day and listened to this lonesome dove character, she really was a piece of work, I was shocked how she ridiculed scarlet in one room and then praised her in another also she seemed to attack some lady named firewoman due to not agreeing with her so called attacks on certain folks way to go firewoman for not allowing yourdelf to be a two face trollop that day.

Anonymous said...

We can't WHAT??????
From August West - Who's a coward?
from scar

THIS bitch attila is at it again.
One phone call no maybe two

and an email will fix this bitch

nuty, kevin and sultan

Anonymous said...

attila looks like a corpse.

Anonymous said...

is that husband number 4?

Anonymous said...

ravenn cunt's smell like tuna, thats all i can say

Anonymous said...

this blog is trash hahahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

The ghost is right, this filthy blog will be closed down

Anonymous said...

charles sucks Marine's cocks.Typical little gay marine little green man!
Bwah hahahahahahahahahahaha

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