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Tuesday, December 9, 2008




Anonymous said...

i have never read a more boring blog then The blog that roared.

It should be called The blog that bored.

Its a rant by a crazy bitch not a blog

FRisson1 said...

Since I am banned from "THE BLOG THAT SQUEAKED, the favorite blog of anonymeece .... I didn't think Charles would mind my" taking up space on the "Truth Blog" for some truth!!

Anonymous Aka Ignorance gone to seed said:

My, Oh My!!! Maggie Maggie your deceitful ways are catching up with you.Soon all will know you are not the sweet little school teacher so dedicated to her profession and the children you are teaching. Terrifys me that just maybe there are others like you in the world and that my children maybe be subjected to a teacher of your kind. God Forbid!!!

,As a former escape (employee) of the public and private school system and 14 years employed as a course developer and Senior Educational Specialist for a Major Corporation, Motorola, I would have hired Miss Magnolia as an instructor quicker than fast and at twice her Public School salary.

My many conversations with Mags has reinforced my impression that Mags is an excellent addition to any school system.

I take my hat off to Mags who chose to stay in the public school system. It takes balls and dedication to fight the politics, lack of funding and support so essential to making your students successful. Many with less dedication opt out to the private sector jobs (as I did). Mags is there fighting the good fight ..... Go Mags

Anonymouse feel lucky your children didn't have Flabby or Karma for teachers.

Anonymous said...

FreeLostITAgain: was That really Charles' house ?

THE LonesomeDove: yes absolutely, Free

flicker11: omg really

FreeLostITAgain: oh ok Dove

flicker11: lol what a dive

You lying piece of shit Attila That is noy Charled house.

You clit flickering bitch.
You are pushing and pushing you
miserable excuse for a woman.

This is all going to fall back on you, wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Pictures of Attila getting dressed to out and look for someone else's husband, again.

Anonymous said...

Terrifys me that just maybe there are others like you in the world and that my children maybe be subjected to a teacher of your kind. God Forbid!!!

The spelling of that word would be terrifies. Please tell me you didn't breed.

The lack of intelligence here is amazing. As far as Flicker's post, I'm not surprised.She is back on the bottle hot and heavy and chasing Gilly like a hound dog in heat. The good news is, Flicker is too old to have any e-babies. Settle down Flicker and put your pants back on.

Anonymous said...

Oh snap! Attila you scary bitch! Those pics look like a horror movie. Then again so does Attila.

Anonymous said...

Attila is worse than a bitch

Eleanor worse than a bitch

Flicker is a drunk bitch

put them together and shake = cunt

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