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Monday, January 26, 2009



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Does this mean "The 4400" TV series is being revived, or a movie giving an ending is being made? That looks like Jordan Collier.

FRisson1 said...


1. A bus?
2. The Messiah?
3. A 24 pack of batteries for Tilly's Trojan Magic Finger?
4. The end of the World?
5. Mother's finally finding her dentures in Walmart's lost & found?
6. Testicular implants for M1?
7. Valentine's Day?
8. Buck giving a homeless man a quarter?
9. World Peace?
10. Stock Market Crash?
11. A whole day when Flaby DOESN'T send an insulting IM to someone?
12 None of the above?

Anonymous said...

Its flabby in drag lmao.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

some real drama for raven
balls for m1
face transplant for attila
a personality for buck
a whole day when flabby does'nt send the tattler 10 emails.
a hard on for sr dude that will last 48 hours.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Being an insider was cool today in tankers room, i witnessed friends putting down friends.

All for the sake of a man who is nothing but a coward.

And these people chose him over people who have been best friends for years.

Sort of heart breaking to watch.

Anonymous said...

Fuck me i said i would't get involved in this drama i couldnt help it today sorry
back stabbers make me ill.

There are a few in tankers room

Anonymous said...


M1 is scared of Charles,he refuses to take Charles on, and usually runs like the rat he is when Charles does appear. If he does't run he remains quiet not saying a word.


and a fake soldier.

Anonymous said...

The person who is truly a good person is nanaishome. i have seen that woman leave tankers room as soon as his baby rats start with the drama

kudos to you nan

Anonymous said...

lol as soon as tanker thought it was close to charles time to get home from work, he all of a sudden disappeared.

wot a coward

Anonymous said...

ffs Tank go back and write that over again.

It makes NO SENSE at all.

Maybe you're breathing in a little to much cockroach killer or eating rat bait instead of chicken.

You uneducated, stupid, idiot.

Anonymous said...

American Idol is in Jacksonville. Im hoping not to see Tank in drag on here. Of course, that would require him leaving his house, so I guess that wont happen.If he did show up I guess he would have to bring the Tankettes so he would have the balls to perform. He is NOTHING without his attack hens.

Im really hoping FlaCrazyLady doesnt show up. I was thinking they might have the drunk support hose segment. So far no.

Anonymous said...

American Idol was in Jacksonville, Florida tonight.
I think i saw flabby, swimming with the gators.

Anonymous said...

Seems M1 has Ravenn doing all his fighting and "sending messages" to others lately via her away message.

Pitiful what you've become Ravenn, a minion to a pathetic man who's profession is killing bugs and who lies about his service to our country.

So sorry that you've been duped by that pathetic POS

Anonymous said...

Ravenn said...
The Tattler and it's minion mini mafia mod squad
One of your midget's fla was in tankers room slamming all of you
and a few others
This woman you can have on a platter of shit
Got news for ya dimwads there were topics in the room today
None of the topics were of you
Get over yourselves why don't ya
Your best at ganging up on one person like the vulures you always have been
Bring it on low life scums that you are

How soon you forget Ravenn

We were all so good to you when you were sick, when your daughter passed away, when you were being tormented by the same one you mentioned was bashing people in tanks room and a lot of other times.

Like someone said keep your're friends close and you're enemys closer.

You have no clue who the real ones are.

CharlesNewYork said...

The following was posted on m1tanks blog and removed before I got home from work thankfully someone sent it to me.

Hi Charles... I see how it has become difficult for you to relise that by me attacking you as a veteran is simply no real issue... Why you may ask? Well you picked a battle and well it seems you have tried to use the old scape goat response.... Why attack a vet? Lol unbelievable response This Coming from The man who attacks anyone at will, show me your dd214 I ask myself but don't worry Charles I will stop now since you seem to be crying in the halls of paltalk... This is the last article for you to read... Plus remember when you decide to attack personal matters it wont reach the blog I have more class then what your pillocks have

first of all dipshit I didnt question your Military background BUT now I must admit it seemed to hit a sore spot that you think I did. Why is that?.

Not only can I produce my DD214 I can produce my Meritorious Promotions

And as far as me crying in the halls of paltalk lol give me a fucking break whoever is feeding you this info you better keep an eye on them they are out to stir you up lol

One more thing tank I am on paltalk for a while every night not hiding behind a blog like you are. If you ever want to man up and confront me just say the word I am right fucking here

PS. You dont get space on my front page you arent worth it. I am sure you will see this or one of your away message champs will let you know

Anonymous said...

Raven have you forgotten the people that have been kind to you?

Burning bridges isnt a good thing. Think long and hard about who and what you are backing.

Step back and ask yourself if being involved with all of this is good for your health. Are the people that are stirring you up being kind to you, knowing that all of this cant be good for you?

Look around. Take inventory. The small group that is using you arent helping you.

Anonymous said...

This is an email that a few of us received from that nutcase flalady why she sent it is beyond me.

I wonder if she sent it to the tattler. lol and would it be 1 2 3 4 5 or 6 lol.

From: KnowsJck@aol.com
Date: 28/01/2009 1:21:48 PM
Subject: interesting reading

Attila, what happened between you and Mags? You don't have to answer but weren't you friends?

January 27, 2009 9:55 AM

January 27, 2009 9:55 AM

I used to be friends with Mags too, and I can tell you why I am not anymore. She is a backstabber and a liar. I could have used a few more adjectives, but I try to be a lady. I'll admit when talking about Mags, I have to use restraint . LOL She gave out my personal information just to gain friends, and now look where it got her!!!
January 27, 2009 12:44 PM

Attila the Hen said...
There are always two sides to every story, of course, but my opinion is that it’s a combination of things.

On her part, it’s her association with greeneyes, monumentally poor judgment, a ridiculous paranoia, immaturity, the willingness not only do other people's bidding, but even stab someone in the back that was always good to her. She not only spread lies about me, she did it just so she could be part of what she felt was the dominant group, but that has degenerated into what most people now view as a garbage heap now.

On my part, it was disappointment when the realization hit that she isn’t the decent person I thought she was – and btw, I don't know or care what happened between her and M1 since I don’t communicate with either one of them. It's funny to me that Toots doesn’t seem to have the mental capacity to understand that everyone who loathes her, Charles, greeneyes, etc. Isn't in cahoots with everyone else who can't stand them either - or maybe it's denial. Anyway, I just know from personal experience that Mags proved to be deceitful and hypocritical; she manipulated behind the scenes, befriending people just to gather personal information that she gave out to other people. For a while she even tried intimidating those who remained courteous to people she she doesn't like, but that backfired on her too. So, basically, mine are the same reasons that so many others have decided they no longer want to associate with her either. When you forget that the only difference between a halo and a noose is 6 inches, you will eventually hang yourself. After all the notes were compared, in each and every case, it all traced straight back to her - and sweet, innocent MagnoliaMiss hung herself.

January 27, 2009 8:04 PM

Attila,and flalady_1

The two of you put together could NOT be even close to what Charles, Mags or Greeny are.

Maybe you two should meet attila and flalady.
You are perfect for each other.

you flalady, you are just a pathetic old woman with a miserable life.

Anonymous said...

When Ravenn first got sick everyone of her "clique" worried about her ,prayed for her, phoned her, sent her gifts,called family to see how she was.
She was like a sister to some, and i think only for newfiegal Ravenn wouldnt be here today.

Now because of one person this friendship and sisterhood is gone.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I think of M1Tank, I can't help but think that M1Tank is to killing bugs as Al Bundy is to selling Women's shoes.

Wow, what a pathetic life he must have.

FRisson1 said...


I've only been on Paltalk for 3 or 4 years .... so I am not all knowing about many relationships, but one thing I have noticed. Attila changes friends more often than she changes her underwear.

Iv'e noticed some people Attila has belittled and made fun of behind their backs are all at once her best friends, when they can be of use to her. I could name names but I don't need to do that since you have all watched her in actions for years.

I doubt Attila has any real friends. Being a real friend is a lot of work and can't you have ulterior motives. A friend is someone you can connect with for a multitude of reasons. That connection is delicate and it requires being open in words and thought. At times a friends needs over shadow yours needs. sometimes that isn't easy ....being a friend is hard work.

As for Mags I have never seen Mags be anything but pleasant to people .... it is too bad that she got caught in the middle of a Palwars battle. People that know Mags can judge her by what they know about her not by what a couple of "Elderly Shit Stirring Diva's" have to say.

Anonymous said...

M1 You should really be ashamed of yourself.Janet Reno has Parkisons and that is in no way funny.

But thats just typical of you isnt it.

Its a woman so who cares is your attitude .........right.

Making fun of a handicapped woman is even worse, you low life.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anyone who's been slandered or libeled on Paltalk by Lonesome Dove may be interested in looking at the latest entry on the flalady exposed blog:


Someone did a major information dump on LonesomeDove. The shit's gonna fly now!

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact M1 a few of us played a part in Raves life when that did happen.





Just because you were NOT man enough doesnt mean yuo have to take it out on all women.

you're a wuss and a coward and a sissy.

a low life with nothing in your life excpet to beat up on women.

Anonymous said...

Let me set the Ravenn gifts and phone calls straight.
When Rave got ill it was newfie that called every day trying to get Ravenn on the phone because she was ill thinking somit was up.
It was me WeeAlice that sent the fruit basket with sincer, now Jacki.
All the others that said they would send money to me never did so at all.So I dont know what gifts, the comment is about as far as I know all she got was the fruit from sin and me.
Also yes a lot of folk were nice to Ravenn when her daughter died but some called her daughter a hore and said she deserved to die. What sick folks they are. weeAlice.

Anonymous said...

funny u should say that alice because raven has nothing nice to say about u.

Anonymous said...

You Know what I dont care if not 1 person has anything good to say about me, it wont change me 1 bit, I am going to just stay with the truth and tell it like it was . As I sent the gifts I thought I would set the record straight. But I am not going to go fight over what is said on a blog. weeAlice

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