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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Trial was held today the accused were were tried in abstentia,

Social Issues Judge: Accused #1, M1Tank. You are hereby GUILTY of lying, not being man enough to admit a past wrong, being a coward, and causing hate and discontent in Social Issues.

Social Issues Judge: You are further hereby GUILTY of not being able to spell, use proper grammar, and publishing a piss-poor blog that's riddled with spelling and grammar errors

Social Issues Judge: This court sentences you to repeating public school education, starting at Kindergarten, until such time as you demonstrate you know your ABC's and can spell.

Social Issues Judge: Accused #2 and #3 - Ravenn and RyaneRenee - You are hereby also found GUILTY of participating in a FRAUD of a blog, falling for Accused #1's bullshit, and also fomenting hate and discontent in Social Issues.

Social Issues Judge: Your sentence: You shall cease and decist of participating on said blog, and apologize to those who you've defamed on this chat program.

Social Issues Judge: Should you fail, you will be exiled to Inspeak.

Social Issues Judge: Accused #4 newfie you are found GUILTY of turning on a long-time friend, falling for M1Tank's bullshit, and telling LIES about other people to ingratiate yourself to M1Tank.

Social Issues Judge: Your punishment (which we understand you've already done) is to delete Paltalk, and never return.

Social Issues Judge: This court has ruled, and we are adjourned.


Anonymous said...

They were tried in abstentia because they were too cowardly to show up!

Hey Insect Boy, how's it feel to be so marginalized on Paltalk that the only people you can get into your room are the four to five women who were foolish enough to fall for your crap?

I bet the lot of you will have a GREAT time on Talk Aurora bowling together!

Anonymous said...

You will not blog where you damn well please ravne
you sound stupid when you blog anyway

Anonymous said...

someone has a locked room called

sat night this section is dead drama idiot

I have an idea for the owner, how about leaving the house for a change or open your own fucking room without a lock maybe you wouldnt be so lonely

You are a dumbass

Anonymous said...

That idiot would be none other than insect boy (M1Tank) or his #1 fan, flalady.

She, Ravenn, newfie and RyaneRenee are so far up his ass they've lost daylight.

Anonymous said...

have an idea for the owner, how about leaving the house for a change or open your own fucking room without a lock maybe you wouldnt be so lonely

You are a dumbass

WTF Is this about lmao , must be some old drunk lol.

because it sure as hell doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

Does Raven feel left out of the drama on pal.

she that stupid not to see that no one gives a fuck about social issues anymore and that most of us have moved on. and the we are all on another program now.

i think she missed the bus
the short one

Anonymous said...

Hey Ravenn, how's your bowling score on Talk Aurora these days?


Your buddy M1Tank has been hiding, but that's ok - every time he types he exposes himself and the list of nic's just keeps on piling up.

Anonymous said...

Increasingly, poor Ravenn's away messages are making less and less sense.

"Ya tattler mini mafia mod squad you slithered far didn't ya lmao"

Just what is a 'mini mafia mod squad' and it seems that Ravenn is the one slithering here. She and her newfound friend M1Tank, who seems to have abandoned her all alone online the last few days.

But then, poor M1Tank has taken to hiding behind black nic's and whining on his blog. ROFL!

Yeah, we know who won this battle, and it sure wasn't M1Tank and his fickle female followers.

Anonymous said...

slithered far?
how do you slither far


Anonymous said...

this was raven tonight

raven come on tattler mini mafi mod squad you lame garbage of the gutter SLITHER some more

lol i think she adds a few words everyday lol

she is trailer trash

Anonymous said...

Tanker if you could write half as good as The Tattler or Charles, you're blog might be worth reading.

Right now it's filled with junk, that makes no sense at all, misspellings, long sentences, boring material.

You don't have the ability to construct one sentence with out misspelling words.

It's just a big glob of words that you try to form together to make sense.

It's actually laughable.

Anonymous said...

Do these fools just sit and wait for M1 all day lol
The Master bator

Anonymous said...

Let me put this in my opinion of the tattler and Charles and the mini mafia mod squad
Ok when they were on pal and got banned which was sally and Charles and Anna all at the same time
Yes I do believe they were banned but they did come on pal but couldn't say on pal because every time they were caught they were thrown off
So before Charles got banned the tattler was going hot and heavy but then he got banned along with sally
So the reporting for the tattler went to nothing lmao
and yes I do believe they got banned because he was on another chat program and he wanted nuttin hunny to pipe to and from rooms on pal so he could listen in because at that time he didn’t know how yet to get around the security of pal yet
Then Charles and the rest disappeared from view
Not before he started the truth blog thou
He was still on another chat program when the truth blog gave birth.

Then the truth blog appeared and the tattler took a vacation…
When sally and Charles got banned that only left greeneyes on pal
No backup to slither around from room to room like the snakes they are by the way to be sitting in rooms and acting innocent
So now that Charles and the little hornets are in full bloom again the tattler reappears in full swing but so is the truth blog…
To complement one another
How better to keep going is to have 2 blogs going at the same time now
Double the action you might say
Since the fourth is the ghost so to speak… but he himself will give himself away also...
But what they don’t comprehend is the more you go after those dim wads the more they trip themselves up…
So will the fourth one
Yes I believe there is a fourth in the mix
Because then they are stumbling to defend themselves to get out of the so called limelight
To discredit people and call them all liars but in fact they are the lying scumbags of pal
Let's see how they hang themselves more on this crap… pathetic Charles simply pathetic. do you have any kind of life? Lonesome dove had you pegged to the wall she is correct about you.

newsflash... greeneyes and starlyn to renew old vows in charles room.

OH MY GOD This man has to be retarded lmaooooooooo

Read this hahahahaha

I cannot make heads or tales of it

and by the way nuttinhunnie wasnt asked to pipe in she voluntered.

So stop with the lies M1
You are making a complete arse of yourself.

But we are having a good laugh i mean deep, belly laughs at you're posts lol

rof laughs.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha m1 is scared of the women lol he has them all blocked what a woosie hahahahha.

were you ever a man m1 i mean ever

you couldnt even be close to the man charlesnewyork is
for one your too damn ugly

another your a damn coward

you can give but you can't take

and your a compulsive liar

Anonymous said...

All the girls should go to tanks and beat him up LMAO

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