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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sound advise from USC!!!!! I will no longer be giving m1wanker the attention whore anymore space on my blog after this post

USC stay at home and enjoy your ham radio just leave things alone because you may think you have it down but trust me it can get real ugly...

I typically ignore the blogs and don't bother responding to anything on them but DAMN, when that was forwarded to me last night I laughed so hard diet coke came out of my nose!

I've never before been threatened by someone who kills insects for a living on a poorly written, riddled with spelling, grammar and punctuation errors POS blog.

I'm sure your lady friends consider you quite the man right about now Eric, but personally I found it hysterical.

Everyone I talk to on Pal knows I work for a big international bank. BFD.

Everyone knows big international banks have employee cafeteria's. BFD.

Everyone also knows I'm into amateur radio and that's my main hobby and I enjoy the heck out of it so much I'm typically not on Paltalk except for weekends. Again, BFD.

Did you really think threatening me with "information" everyone I talk to on Pal already knows about me would somehow intimidate me?

Here's reality for you Eric: I've been ignoring your spat with everyone else online for quite awhile now and I don't frequent your room because frankly son, I think you're a low-life piece of shit. I think you're a liar, a fake, and a fraud who thinks they can bullshit their way through anything.

When I run across low-life pieces of shit like you whether it's online or in REAL LIFE (one which I suggest you get, quickly) I tend to IGNORE them. I don't engage low-life pieces of shit like you in any sort of discourse much less waste my time blogging about them. But hey, if you and your lady friends wish to think so, knock yourselves out. I frankly don't give a small, experimental furry rodents behind (translation for you: rats ass) what you or your running buddies think of me or any of my friends on Pal.

That's just the reality of the situation, so suck it up boy and move on.

I won't be wasting any more of my valuable time responding to your nonsense and I damn' sure wish others wouldn't waste their time on you either. It's obvious to anyone with half a functioning brain that you're in desperate need of attention, and like any other beaten and battered child as I'm sure you must've been, negative attention is better than none at all in your case.



Anonymous said...

Gotta admit it, USC nailed it and spoke the truth.
He's been the one person in Social Issues that has consistently said to ignore the blogs and the assholes because they both live for the attention they get. The more people talk about both the longer they stick around.

Anonymous said...

Awwww flabby is checking up on me lol

the douche bag

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