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Saturday, March 7, 2009


Anonymous said...
The funny thing is how dead this blog is!!! LOL

March 7, 2009 8:57 AM

MrArchiebunker has left a new comment on your post "Funny Stuff":

dead indeed Sir
smut, nasty gossips,
relentless attacks on two innocent women ,the blog author has descended into the bowels of obscenity itself.I don't know if i should pity or chastise you Charles but you are indeed a truly deranged individual.
Who do we find rolling in the faeces covered gutter with you? Isa and Frisson!
Yes this blog is dead due to the toxic smells of its 2 or 3 idiotics and ill mannered participants.

From Charles:

I find it funny how Archie has never commented here before or has he?
Makes one think how many of those nasty anonymous comments are from him

Archie you are a fucking coward you dont have the guts to say shit to me in a room

I am sure some of your "friends" would love to hear the things you say about them behind there back.

And flabby I would rather live in a Ghetto then have to be your husband living with your old over worked snatch. lol

P.S Let me point out that when I stopped the Drama stuff Archie had to write in to keep it going so blame Archie the Bigot

Well done Archie you dumb fuck lol

Notice how Archie calls flabby sir.............................I KNEW IT LOL


Anonymous said...

The funny thing is how dead this blog is!!! LOL

The funny thing is watching flalady chasing a certain star guy around and the poor guy trying to get rid of the pest.

Anonymous said...

It shows the state of Flabbys marriage that she has to reach out to strange men on Pal. I guess she has caught Archie and now she is after Jimstarman. If she isnt happy why doesnt she leave poor rod . He always looks so tired and worn out in the pictures she posts. He knows hes married to a drunk that plays around.
IF ANYONE knows jimstarman please warn him.

Anonymous said...

flalady was drunk again tonight and this was around seven o'clock.
On the mic crying lmao.

What a pathetic woman, made a complete fool of herself.

Kept leaving and going back into the room, slurring her words, crying being obnoxious.

Just a alcholic acting like an alcholic.


FRisson1 said...

What "innocent" women is Archie talking about??? The only innocent woman I know on Paltalk is nandon.

I love your company in the gutter Charles, I'll save you and Isa a spot. Remember what Oscar Wilde said: "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

I am sure Archie knows nothing about Oscar Wilde, a Homosexual, Liberal, Atheist who spent years in jail because he wouldn't abandon his principles.

CharlesNewYork said...

After I read the comments this morning it is now clear that the only reason Archie wrote in is because he was told to.lol
Another blog must have been dead and needed something to write about. Now this is only a guess because I dont read Attila's rag and she knows it because she use an IP tracker lol
Good good boy archie lol

Anonymous said...

I heard that old fool rying on the mic too lmao.
Anyone who gets THAT drunk and she probably had a black out also needs help.

And i don't know how the hell her family especailly her husband puts up with her, there is nothing more discusting than a drunken woman almost 70 years old throwing herself at any man.

The flalady is a tramp.

lol i haven't seen her online this morning, mst likely hiding under a different nic after making a complets fool of herself lmao.

I thunk its GUILT.

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