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Saturday, October 24, 2009

A bit Tipsy

Listen carefully 1st its not a beach house then it is a beach house LOL

I think its kinda cute he goes to the beach with his little doggy LOL


Anonymous said...

LMAO Beach house, house town house lmao
she threw her son out of their house when he was 18.

And she has a BEACH HOUSE LMAO

This woman is a LIAR a compulsive liar.

Anonymous said...

I think mugsys daddy is a little tooty fruity

Anonymous said...

i wasnt going to do it,but when i saw this woman say she had a private investigator and i saw where he daughter is on facebook, i got her name and i sent her a message, asking her if her mother actually had a private investigator tracking down people in social issues. waiting for an answer.

Anonymous said...

Ha got an answer from the daughter

yee fla is really nuts...CERTIFIED NUTS

Anonymous said...

She asked me for anything we all had on her and we delivered lol.

even what she was saying about her grand daughter and china and the childrens wish foundation

her different nics on social issues and some of the filthy things she has said while using them.

even the stuff where she is being sued in florida.

and this blog

and he usual nic

about her solid gold bathroom faucets

to all the crusies she has taken

hundreds of things

Anonymous said...

Hey her husband has a fb accoubt also

Anonymous said...

flalady hangs out with a lot of fat assed scruffy looking people.
These women look like ho's and sluts.
look on her profile
fat dirty looking slobs

Anonymous said...

last night there was a locked room
with greenies name and her maiden name in it

i reported it and sent greenie and email

i found out later that it was 1tallm
that had that room

sent greenie another email telling her so she can talk to a red and report the drunk fag

Anonymous said...

You are a busy little bee arn't you anonymous? Bawahahahahahahaha for all the good it does you Bawahahaha.
Your writing stinks and your lies smell worse than your silly ass.
Good day, slimeball.

Anonymous said...

It was reported and he/she were shut down.

lol the LOSERS

Anonymous said...

flalady_1: I am offering English lessons to the blog writers lol


Anonymous said...

flalady_1: its not too hard
flalady_1: lol
flalady_1: I think u can handle it well

flalady was wanting to share her husbands penis

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