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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

She has been caught again


Anonymous said...

drunk again

pitiful old drunk

Anonymous said...

hahaha flalady is so stupid the past two days she's had a youtube site by her name, but when you go there its just a lot of videos, she;s too stupid to even use the right site lmaooooo

Anonymous said...

The woman is having a nervous breakdown. Her daughter needs to have this sent to her. Her husband already knows. He lives in this day after day.

Alcoholism is a terrible thing.In her latest pictures her face is swollen and red. Her hair seems to be thinning to in the front-male pattern balding.

Anonymous said...

HAIR hahahaha she is almost bald lol take a look at her profile.

This woman is out of control and she talks about hate while she talks bad and lies about people on here.

She says she has to make a phone call three times lol

she is a classy whore and drunk

95 % of the time she is on here she is drunk.

you are trash flaaldy pure trash.

trash whore and slut

she is on face book also

look her up lol

Anonymous said...

does this douche bag flalady ever sleep, or move outside her door seems she is always THERE on line making an ass of herself.

what a loser she is

Anonymous said...

flalady_1 says, Nobel Peace prize for what? This world has gone MAD!!!!

Lol Need i say more....lol

She as mad as a hatter and crazy as a loon, and she is saying THE WORLD has gone mad lol.

Anonymous said...

flalady_1 says, Away dressing for early church ----- leave message

HAHAHAHAAHA After she belittles, causes problems inm every room she goes to, lies gets so drunk she cant speak uses filthy language (under a differnt nic of course) stalks people etc and this HYPOCRITE is saying she is going to Church........HAHAHAAHHAAHHA

I bet she even lies about that.

Anonymous said...

flalady_1 says, "A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing"

Just like you with friendships flalady BITCH

Anonymous said...

flalady_1 says, If a knife is in your back, you are a fool to leave it there--but to each his or her own....

LMAO What?

This makes absolutley NO SENSE


Is she drunk AGAIN?

Anonymous said...

flalady_1 says, Life is too short to spend time with back stabbers--I prefer to disagree to your face==ohh well

lol I really think the old bag has gone over the edge lol

Anonymous said...

Now she is saying she is going on yet another cruise lol.

She was suppose to go to Boston to see the foliage a cruise last year which she neevr took and a cruise the year before that lasted two days lmao this woman is indeed nuts and a pathetic dreamer

Anonymous said...

her daughter is on facebook also
strange her son does not seem to have a lot of contact with his family.

i dont think the daughter does either, only when she has to and probably because of the dad.

Anonymous said...

I would love to expose some of the phonys in social issues.

Anonymous said...

flalady_1 says, "A Liberal is a person who will give away everything he doesn't own." - Unknown

lol the MAD WOMAN

Anonymous said...

We just found out that flaladys daughter is on facebook, so we have decided that two of us will send her some of the things flalady has been saying, accusing. and lying about in SI.
Some of the far out crazy things she has been doing.
Maybe something will be done about her and her mental illness, this woman should be no where but in a home for alzheimers patients.

As the days go by she is getting more and more outrages with her storys and lies.

Anonymous said...

flalady_1 says, Away walking Mugsy

LOL Mugsy the ugliest mutt ive ever seen, lol he looks a lot like falbby...

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