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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Not everyone is the Tattler or the "crew" whoever they are

LOL everyone was having a good time in the coffee shop chat room today until tornado voiced his opinion on the low lifes raven and m1 tank.
he told them both what he thought of them and then some. And all of it was true.

m1tanks stupid illierate blog was brought up omg this man needs spelling and grammar lessons in the worse way.
a few people in the room told m1 tank what they thought of him lmao and right away he said it was the tattler crew hahahhaa it wasnt anyone from the tattler, just people exposing him and his childish behavior.

the man is P A R A N O I D lol
Now he has a room called

Coffee Shack and working under the table.

aiming the name at tornado.

If m1 had even a quarter of the IQ that tornado has he wouldnt be out there killing rats and cockroaches.

You are a low life scum m1 a childish immature idiot.

and btw m1 ran out of the room when he thought the tattler "crew" was in there lmao
what a coward hahahahaa

lol he was close to crying when he took the mic saying see see its the tattler crew hahhaahhaa



A freind of Tornados said...

I think M1 was totally shocked that his good buddy Bucky did not defend him in any way !! Poor M1 has to have a hat in order to live and breathe on paltalk, therefore he ran and opened his own widdle room, leaving Buck . I wonder how the want to be Elvis felt about that? Gawd this is getting funnier by the day.
Well done TornadoF5. Every word you said was true and I was very proud of you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Raven
speak english please

it is slithering not slittering

Anonymous said...



CharlesNewYork said...

Anonymous said...


February 14, 2009 6:34 PM

Villy i didnt write that

Anonymous said...

You are a sick perverted bastard m1 tank to even suggest someone is having sex with animals.

You have gone too far now and this will be taken care of.

Maybe thats why you are alone because of your sick mind.

Anonymous said...

the idiot award should go to you raven

first for hanging out with someone like m1 who actually hates women

second for still smoking while your gasping for a breath

third for you being uneducated and illiterate and stupid

fourth for falling for every man that shows you any kind of attention.

Anonymous said...

when a person talks about or even suggests beastiality as m1 tanker did, that person is someone i would not want around my family, my children, not in my place of work or even my neighborhood. This is a sign of a sick, delueded perverted mind.

And this THING with his job goes to businnesses and in to peoples homes with that sick mind.

Anonymous said...

Raven is really embarassing herself with her away messages. She is trying do defend someone that doesnt deserve defending.

Tank is like a lame duck. He is shooting his mouth off at whomever and using his blog to dig his hole deeper.

NOONE ever said Torn had sex with his cats. That is something Tank dreamed up in his sick mind. I for one will have nothing to do with this sicko.

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