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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tank says he doesnt read this blog, what a crock of shit hahahahahahahaha

Lets recap for tank:

Tank says:
The fair and unbalanced room is quite an array of good folks mixing and blending with wolves in sheep's clothing..

Charles says: Look Tank at least get my room name correct its The Unfair and Unbalanced Room CNY

Tank says: but as the night roles on and charles the new yorker begins to sing his Sinatra songs...

Charles says: I told you before tank I will not sing you to sleep so please stop asking

Tank says: Greeneyes with her bic lighter waving in the air as she reaches for her 10Th fag in an hour...

Charles says: I spoke to greeny about this tank and she promised not to reach for you again

Tank says: Sally PMing other demons about a new person just entering the room...Is that someone we know?? is that tank? or is it delta gent?

Charles says: Ok we now know it was Tank reading peoples PM's not paltalk

Tank says: Mags enters the room and an array of fog fills the once glowing room... she utters her first words to her new found loves...

Charles says: we now know it was tank in the room invisable all those times and not paltalk

Tank says: This room is a train wreck...so if you want a quick ;laugh or a good time go to shes taken conservative rock cafe room it has a mixture of good music and fun.

Charles says: we also now know that tanks own room is so bad he has to promote someone elses room instead of his own (really sad) :(

Tank says: FYI is brought to you by concerned chatters of america...C.C.A.

Charles says I know Eric wont see this post because he doesnt read my blog ( Eric has a bridge for sale)


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for promoting Charles room m1 tank

CharlesNewYork said...

flalady_1: dove my hubby is eating peanuts lol

My guess is he is trying to OFF himself lol

Anonymous said...

lol she didnt seem to care that they could be poison lol poor guy

Anonymous said...

I bet they are COCKTAIL peanuts she put in her bra at the Loose Lady Lounge in downtown J Ville.

Poor Rod. His "wife" wont get offline to cook him some food.

Anonymous said...

Tank. Get a date. Work out some of this frustration. A date doesnt involve sitting in a chat room with a group of sad sack "married" women that need your attention.

confused said...

Perhaps Tank would like to answer a simple question? In an earlier post tank made the statement that he was finished talking about Charles, but now there's yet ANOTHER post about Charles?
Make up your fucking mind Tank

FRisson1 said...

Great response Charles with wit and humor. Once again you have proven you are a class act .....

Send the 5 dollars to my paypal account Charles, I don't want people to think I'm an ass kisser.....lol

CharlesNewYork said...

Thank you frisson the check is in the E-mail lol

someone said...

congrats on the nice new green room charles.......it looks great!!!! I think as a grand opening, I would like to see a charles/tank debate. But i suspect tank's cowardice will not allow for that. I hope your room has capacity enough to hold all flalady's hundreds of black nics created for use in her stalking. I have noticed that m1tank has let the little green monster get the best of him again. Now buck is an m1tank target. But I think its because buck has a good chat room in the morning--the room fills with people and I myself have to admit , I've enjoyed some good chat in there and have learned quit a bit from the various speakers. But tank's room is pretty much a flop. I would like to offer tank some advice. Instead of whining because buck and charles have better rooms than yours, why not put your time and effort into making your own chat room better? Why not try improving yourself?

Anonymous said...

, Coffeechat Bipartisan style
Shouldn't this be renamed Bipolar?

Anonymous said...



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