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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Will he or Wont he? I say he Wont

Tank lets make a list of the woman you have abused on paltalk









flalady ( of course now you are sucking on her tit)

BTW tank all these women are laughing at you because you are just a coward any of these women could kick the living shit out of you LOL

Now a list of the men you cower under your desk too

Me (I know your slow so me = CharlesNewYork




And the rest of the men on paltalk

You are mental tank if I were you I would seek help before its to late.
You have two blogs ( yes I read them ) that you use to attack chatters because you dont have the guts to go at it in a room. LOL

I am giving an open invitation to you tank to have your say to me in a room that is ran by anyone who can be unbias to both parties.

Lets see what kind of balls you really have tank STOP hiding in rooms and behind blogs

I am calling you out COWARD

I almost forgot get a fucking job and you can have a green room too for your 3 friends


Anonymous said...

What good is a green room that has zero people in it ole chuckie boy?
Why would you pay for a room ?hahaha That is about the dumbest thing I have ever seen hahaha
You make fun of tank and look at you hahahahahah. I am laughing my butt off/

Anonymous said...

Tank says in his blog...Green nic room... known as deluxe room 139.95 per month (good god per month?) This allows you to have 40 members max in a room. Wow what a deal eh?

Where does Tank get his info from?..I know nothing about the setup of the Pt rooms but you only have to look at the room lists to see that some green rooms holds over 400 people..Tank your so jealous of Charles you have resorted to making up facts.
If a green room is so important to you,get ya lover Flabbyfuck to buy you one.She lubs ya Tankie baby.
I wonder what the powers of PT would think if they read Tanks blog full of false advertising.lolol

CharlesNewYork said...

Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous you are soooooooooooooo slowwwwwwwwwwwww dont you get it LOL the green room is there so you will send comments to my blog dummy.
It also doesnt hurt that is bothers the shit out of some of you lol

Anonymous said...

flalady_1 says, << Counting the Unbalanced people lol--there are a few so why do they need a green room hahahahahahahaha?

Flabbyfuck and he lover Tank need to change their nics to GREENFLAB and GREENTANK..
They are so jealous..Whoever aquired the green room for Charles deserves a medal..They
are really flippin over this one..lololololololol..I bet their tiny little brains are in overdrive right now to come up with something to better this..WELL DONE CHARLES..too funny!!

Anonymous said...

Does Tank have the balls to open up the comment section and publish comments on his two blogs?..naaaaaaaaaaaa..he is gutless and as long as his ass points south he will never be as honest and upfront as this blog..
The only thing Tanks 2 blogs are good for is a really good laugh..they crack me up..

FRisson1 said...

Why does M1Tank have two blogs ...... does he have a split personality???

Attila the old bird won the Paltalk verbosity award for 2008 and it seems that M1Tank is trying to challeng her for the 2009 award. Maybe M1Tank thinks being verbose and making little sense on two blogs simultaneously will give him an edge on the verbosity Award for 2009.

500 Flabbys peddling away on their reinforced exercise bikes couldn't begin to make 1 JANETTE. JANETTE has CLASS, something Flabby knows nothing about.

JANETTE I am waving my usual anti-kiss ass fee, it was a pleasure to speak up ....You Go Girl ...see you soon in any room you are an admin in.

Anonymous said...

it should be fladeaf and tankmeatbeater

Anonymous said...

Tanks balls are in flabbys mouth

Anonymous said...

This Saturday ....


Charles versus Tanker

Room opens Saturday

-Social Issues Referee

(Be there or be square!)

Anonymous said...

Imagine picking up and moving to a new location to only find out that your job has been denied due to having a criminal record that you didn't reveal?
This happens in America

Like you beating up on your children and wife m1?

Anonymous said...

lol flalady has a secret lol what a kook

lol she has the mind of a 5 year old child.

Anonymous said...

M1 Charles or as you call him Charlie has always has his friends.
Thats why when he opens a room it gets filled up and everyone who is in yours leaves.

It JUST sux to be you just you and your old housewives in their baggy gym pants and a fag hanging out of their mouth are the only ones who you have as friends.

ALL 3 lol

Dont forget about the invitition to debate Charles.


CharlesNewYork said...

Anonymous said...
Chuck its a crying shame that you feel that having a silly green room makes you someone special . That is truly pathetic to many chatters and worth nothing but a LOL . How badly are you seeking attention on a chat program that you bashed and bashed before?You made this blog to bash paltalk like a child pitching a fit. You really are like a kindergarten kid in many ways...sad very sad.No one is jealous of that room. We are just making fun of how STUPID you really are .

May 8, 2009 1:21 PM

It really really bothers you that my room is just sitting there 24/7 doesnt it? hahahahahahahahah
Keep writing ty lol

RunninFerCover said...

Actually I think a green room's a pretty cool idea. You don't have to go cruisin for a room with a decent admin. The green room's always open to whoever wants to go in day or night, admin or not. Good meetin place.
2 Thumbs up Charles!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanker ...

Come out to pl-ay-ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Where you hiding coward boy?

Everyone's looking for you ...

C'mon, man up for once in your life you sorry piece of shit

Let's see how big a balls you got in an open room ...

It's on Saturday, Charles v. Tanker *LIVE* on Paltalk!

Anonymous said...

It really really bothers you that my room is just sitting there 24/7 doesnt it? hahahahahahahahah
Keep writing ty lol

Bother me? Bawahahahahahahaha No Way. I love a good laugh at your EXPENSE lol !Every time I see that room I get a laugh so maybe it was worth using a mindless old woman to give it to you. You all are sick.

CharlesNewYork said...

Thank you Anonymous you follow directions very well LOL hahahahahahahahahahah

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