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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Below is a list of the truly nasty words the Tattler has wrote about these chatters

1/12/06 Admin of the day ... Suzanne and Kaboom (best early morning room)

1/15/06 Admin of the day --- Shellycan (He doesn't read the Tattler)

1/16/06 Admin of the day --- Starlyin

1/16/06 Nice person of the day --- Suzanne (for not strangling Diogenic)

1/17/06 Admin of the Socail Issues ---- Starlyin ( for tolerating this woman's crap)

1/17/06 Nice person of Social Issues --- Starlyin, Immortalkeane, BadReligion.

1/28/06 Admin of the day ---- Shellycan

2/1/06 Admin of the day --- Starlyin

2/1/06 Nice person of the day ---- Rykielle

2/2/06 Andrea_2U : Has an unfaltering daily smile for everyone who is fortunate enough to cross her path. The truly prosperous are those she calls "friend".

2/2/06 Shellycan: Possesses a Ph.d in life. Allowing yourself time with him, is to allow yourself time with wisdom.

2/2/06 Chat Attack: Silent in voice, strong in integrity.

2/2/06 Karma NY: Can hold a strong Republican view against the most determined Democrat.

2/2/06 Suzanne: Holds the rank of " the nicest woman " in Social Issues. She exudes class, virtue and intelligence.

2/2/06 Janhere: Never dull, always entertaining.

2/4/06 Admin of the day --- Shellycan

2/11/06 Nice person of the day .... Shellycan

2/15/06 Admin of the day --- Starlyin

2/21/06 Admin of the day --- Starlyin

2/26/06 Nice person of the day --- Shellycan

2/24/06 Nice person of the day --- Buck

2/27/06 Admin of the day --- Zippergate

3/7/06 Admin of the day ---- Kaboom

3/8/06 Admin of the day --- Attila the Hen

3/8/06 Nice person of the day --- Chat Attack

3/12/06 Admin of the day --- Shellycan (Wonderful Trivia Room )

3/24/06 Admin of the day ---- Kaboom

3/29/06 Nice person of the day --- Andrea. (she has the courage to stand up to many, for a few.)

4/4/06 Nice person of the day ---- Fallujah

More to follow


Anonymous said...

An open letter to Tank from Mags:

I hate it had to come to this, but with your remarks about what happened between us posted on your blog, I felt it was the time to set the record straight.I wouldnt have chosen a public arena, but when this all happened, you refused to discuss it with me.

On December 16, I was in your room. You went afk for a long while, and during this time I received an alarming PM from Eleanor Rigby stating that you had told her that I was the co-writer of your blog. I told her emphatically that I was NOT, and immediately sent you a pm to ask you what this was all about. I had known for a long while that the owner was Ryane and you both were the writers. You wouldnt answer me. At this time I pmed my FRIEND Elaine. She was as confused as I was. WHY would you lead ER to think such? Why didnt you tell her it wasnt me?Instead, you started on me about being a mouse or whatever and being afraid of what ER might post about me. WHY IN THE WORLD would I allow her to think I was the writer? Do you think I have the IQ of a snail? You had NO logical reason not to tell the truth. I talked to Ryane, and she basically told me that it wasnt her place to speak up. EXCUSE ME?

I write this just so people will know that Greeney caused NO friction between the two of us. You have batted her around on your blog and blamed her for such, when the fault lies squarely in your lap. It was YOUR place to tell ER the truth. If you wanted to protect Ryane, fine, but why at MY expense?
Greeney had NOTHING to do with our parting of the ways, Eric, and its illogical and untrue to say so.

I know you will use the bully's pulpit to allow Fla to attack me, and you will continue to jab at me every chance you get. That is your call.I just felt the need to set the record straight about Elaine.

January 14, 2009 5:14 PM

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mags. Ever the southern belle.

Tanker, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You're no man, you're a coward of the n'th degree. Shame on you, you sorry POS.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Mags this piece of shit m1 and his side kick flalady are both lying cowards.

M1 won't attack any man in social issues, but he sure likes going after the women.

Anonymous said...

Elaine Can I say please leave, their won’t be a misty eye in the bunch.

Tank can i say GFYS
You lying cowardly piece of shit.

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