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Monday, January 12, 2009

Man Or Mouse

It seem's that someone on the paltalk round up blog has got a woody for greeny. Greeny can and will be a loyal friend until you fuck her over and stab her in the back then she can and will be your worse enemy. When you write a blog and then denie its you that makes you a mouse in my opinion. Grow some fucking balls tanker and come out and say I WRITE THE PALTALK ROUND UP. Stop attacking woman like greeny and Maggs, not that they cant handle you I know for a fact they can. I will side with greeny everytime no questions asked because I know her better then most on paltalk.

You didnt have the balls to say NO when asked. Does Maggs write the Round up?

You dont have the balls to say. I Tanker write the round up.

As much as I hate to say this even Attila had the guts to put her name on her blog.

So I will say it one more time GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS


As for your little snipes about the Tattler writers I know who you are refering to but you dont have the guts to post the names you clain are the writers. Why is that some may ask? Let me tell them why. Because all you are doing is guessing like all the other people who exposed the Tattler. LET ME SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT!!!! I AND I ALONE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS WHO THE TATTLER IS AND THATS THE WAY IT WILL STAY.

I will not feud with you using my blog, anytime you want to discuss any of this I am on paltalk feel free to invite me to any room you choose I will man up.


Anonymous said...

LMFAO As soon as this blog was made tank ran like hell lmao what a coward lmaooooooo

Run coward run roflmfao

you run away as fast as the cockroaches you kill

And btw Charles M1 is too much of a coward to go after you in social issues or in a room.

He would sooner go after women.

Even his room has gone to shit.

The only thing he has the balls to confront are rats and roaches.

FRisson1 said...

Mags didn't need all this grief. What is the man's problem .....Jeeez

Anonymous said...

tank even stabbed ravenn in the back by allowing that crazy bitch flalady to make comments on his blog and after what she did to ravenn.

He must be desperate for a friend.

CharlesNewYork said...

Flabby none of your post will ever make it on my blog no matter what name you use you dumb shit lol

Anonymous said...

6. Let me close by saying this. If you don’t like this blog stop commenting it is for people who have good grammar and not old folks with bad English.

This came from Tankers blog. It looks like he got his wish. No one is commenting but he and his new friend Flabby.

And for the last time its BEING not been.

Anonymous said...

Paltalk Notifier: flalady_1 attempted to open your room: your it fla oink with lockword: I never lived in a black neighborhood like charles does u idiot

I knew she was racist lol GOTCHA FLA

Anonymous said...

A person said once these people on here are mean spirited and I don’t associate with them, well I guess it was a New Year resolution to forgive and forget, well done for been a hypocrite one day a saint the next. You know who you are don’t you? (Could be a lot of folks he he)

That was another Tank quote. It seems YOU are the mean spirited back biting person you are describing. People are avoiding you like the plague. Take a good look at yourself. You are now in the category that Flabby and Mothers inhabit. Dont think people are excusing you for this. You have lost all credibility on here. Enjoy your hell.

CharlesNewYork said...

hey stupid the only reason this blog has only 7 comments is because I wont post your 50 comments a day. Are you really that dumb? lol I guess so hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Tank is gutless no balls
People are saying "I knew what tank was like long ago"

"told you so"

it seems he has lost all his friends because if they were not in the room he was im'ing someone and talking bad about them

People like
flalady he was goig to go "see her"
1 tall
gypsy delight
addy dawn
eleanor rigby

the list goes on
he is a 2 faced, liar
and who does he team up with
flalady another 2 faced liar and trouble maker

they deserve each other

I dont even see ryanerenne around now

he used both her and newfigal

Anonymous said...

It is good to see m1 getting the shit he threw at everybody right back in his face. He has written lies on his puny web page and now people are seeing him for what he is.

Anonymous said...

An open letter to Tank from Mags:

I hate it had to come to this, but with your remarks about what happened between us posted on your blog, I felt it was the time to set the record straight.I wouldnt have chosen a public arena, but when this all happened, you refused to discuss it with me.

On December 16, I was in your room. You went afk for a long while, and during this time I received an alarming PM from Eleanor Rigby stating that you had told her that I was the co-writer of your blog. I told her emphatically that I was NOT, and immediately sent you a pm to ask you what this was all about. I had known for a long while that the owner was Ryane and you both were the writers. You wouldnt answer me. At this time I pmed my FRIEND Elaine. She was as confused as I was. WHY would you lead ER to think such? Why didnt you tell her it wasnt me?Instead, you started on me about being a mouse or whatever and being afraid of what ER might post about me. WHY IN THE WORLD would I allow her to think I was the writer? Do you think I have the IQ of a snail? You had NO logical reason not to tell the truth. I talked to Ryane, and she basically told me that it wasnt her place to speak up. EXCUSE ME?

I write this just so people will know that Greeney caused NO friction between the two of us. You have batted her around on your blog and blamed her for such, when the fault lies squarely in your lap. It was YOUR place to tell ER the truth. If you wanted to protect Ryane, fine, but why at MY expense?
Greeney had NOTHING to do with our parting of the ways, Eric, and its illogical and untrue to say so.

I know you will use the bully's pulpit to allow Fla to attack me, and you will continue to jab at me every chance you get. That is your call.I just felt the need to set the record straight about Elaine.

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