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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Welcome to Social Issues


Anonymous said...

LMAO Reminds me of someone lol but who

Anonymous said...

I think thats FAIRY when he called Charles.


Anonymous said...

If you receive an email from
KnowsJck@aol.com this is flalady_1

IP is
she has several emails including
Both of these have the same ip #
This woman has made vicious threats to several people on paltalk, threats to call wives, husbands places of employment.

She has called peoples homes either very late at night or very early in the morning (i guess when her husband is asleep)

She's lied has been booted completly off another chat program for her threats.

This woman also lived in a neighbourhood of mixed familes, she was so nasty to the black people there that they retaliated and she and her husband had to leave.
She has sent horrible packages to several chatters that include broken keyboards, packages of condiments, ex mustard, relish etc.

She has several dui's has been an obnoxious neighbour (maybe she thinks she is the mayor lol)
If this woman trys to befriend you and you block her you are her next target.
She has abused people like adolyn, jannette, magnolia miss,charlesnewyork zippergate ravenn (what she did to ravenn is dispicable) making a room called "pushing up daisys" because ravenn lost a daughter to cancer a few years ago,
She has hundreds of nics is hiding under one of them all the time.
She's talked abd about several reds telling people they were losing the job thay had with pal because they wouldnt listen to her foolish lies.

This is one email she sent to a person on pal

Subject: Fwd: Did you win the backstabber award ?That is what I heard.
Fcertain few?

hahahahah so you are gonna try real life for a change?

This is just one
She has emailed several this one has no threat i need permission from the receivers to publish them on here, they will be posted.

Much much more to come.

Anonymous said...

Tank is flaladys bitch lol
Last month he was going to pay her a"visit"

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