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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Under The Bus

People have been saying I have been thrown under the bus. If you had you wouldnt be on paltalk have a look at what being thrown under the bus looks like.



Anonymous said...

Throw M1Tank under the bus and hit the gas!!

Anonymous said...

Throw that bich flalady under it and drag the bitch for one hundred miles.

Anonymous said...

Vroooooooooom rooooooooommmmmmmmmm

oooooooooops was there someone under the bus?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To get rid of flalady from stalking you, you would have to block every black nic in social issues.
That woman is just plain CREEPY and WEIRD.

Anonymous said...

I have blocked every black nic that i even think may be flalady BUT this wacko still manages to find me and pm's me with another new nic. We as paying customers should not have to put our blocks up and not get messages from people we may know or people we can become friends with.

This woman is 100% a stalker,a nasty person.
No matter what we do shes still following us around,we cannot even use the "show others what room im in" if you do she will follow you around.

Does she have a damn hobby or something, im sure she must be on paltalk 24/7 , does she prepare meals, shop, visit family?

Anonymous said...

Yes folks here he is the master of disaster a champion in the cause of true justice he has leaped onto the scene with a force unscathed, a real ladies man who flirts at the mention of a cashew. This leader has more brains then all the writers combined in the tattler, please no autographs at this time.

I just happened to see this on a certain blog.

He has yet to tell people who he is.

What a coward.
The writer id M1tank

Truly not a ladies man that is the best laugh i've had all day.
If anything he treat women like dirt.

This guy can't be man enough to tell people he is the author.

That squirrel depicits him well, nmo balls.

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