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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Coward shows how dumb he is AGAIN

m1skank writes

We can do this all day trolls,.all day, I truelly dont have issue with making your little lives meaningless so keep thinking that I care because well I dont.

Charles says:

If you dont care why did you go on and on in your pathetic blog talking about us after you wrote the above? You truly are a dumb little shit.

By the way m1skank its not just my room chatters flock to its any room as long as you arent in it. But again you are to stupid to know that.

Fact is people who are on paltalk all day will go into any room thats open, YES even yours. But as soon as someone else opens they leave. Ask yourself why and get back to me.


Anonymous said...

What a pathetic cretin M1Tank is, now his away message is begging Zippergate to buy him a green nic .. HOMO!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the company that he works for will find out what a pervert he is. That really could happen if someone files a complaint. Any takers?

Anonymous said...

Charles... The man of the hour... came back onto paltalk and was brushed off by so many he cant understand that people here just want to chat and have fun in other rooms... chucky its ok you can open your room if you like its not a contest people will visit you. His arrival with others has sparked such a childish cowardly game of cat and mouse which by the way hes the only one playing it and the word is out... people dont care chucky... your wife rolls her eyes every time you ask her to spell another word in your blog for you

LMAO So why is it M1 that when Charles opens his room, yours emptys and you SHUT THE DOOR LOL.
Because you can't accept the fact that NO ONE REALLY LIKES YOU.

You are pathetic.

And if you want to take a stab at spouses, what happened to your's M1?

Why did she leave you?

One thing i can say is greenys husband and Charles wife is still there.

Did you abuse her too M1?
Mental abuse, emotional abuse or maybe you just slapped her around once in a while.

Was it your low life job killing rats and cockroaches that made her leave?

I bet she found her self a real man.
Not a wimp like you, even your voice sounds wimpy.

What you need is someone to slap you around a little.

And that wouldnt be hard Mr. 5'4 lol.

Your face looks like someone slapped you around fro along time ugh you are just an ugly man.Hard tolook at someone so unattractive.

I bet your ex wifes new man is a looker, lolmaybe that why she left your too damn ugly.


Another thing M1 what are you so afraid of that you wont allow anyone to comment on your blog. the others do all except eric the cowardly midget.

chicken shit

Anonymous said...

I thought that raven was never on paltalk or hardly ever.

Why would she defend someone like l1, the man is scum and a sick bastard.Maybe she thinks its ok for a man to abuse women.

Anonymous said...


Maybe the company that he works for will find out what a pervert he is. That really could happen if someone files a complaint. Any takers?

February 16, 2009 5:34 PM

ok, some of you may be pissed at tanker, but this shit?.. please grow up.. it's TIME, k?

Anonymous said...

lmao your a weirdo M1 lol

Anonymous said...

i think m1 tank has mental issues.
this man is pissed off about something.

and it seems to center around women.
maybe he is gay and is having a hard time coming out.
maybe he did something and the guilt is driving him crazy.

Anonymous said...

I was in a room the other day under my normal screen name and in popped the little crew for charles the never get laid new york squad. Comical stuff watching them hide behind names like cupid... which she meant to say stupid I bet. The valentine name was cute because it showed that this is the only place

HAHAHAHA How would you know this m1 you ran like the dog you are when they went in the room hahahahha

Anonymous said...

Isa "we "will grow up when you do.I remember your blog and the things you said about people. You grow up .

IsabellaSays said...

I don't deny anything in my blogs over the years, but one thing i promise you, i never got so personal that i "stalked" someone at their workplace-- THAT'S UNHEALTHY .. get it?

Anonymous said...


Staring M1 Tank
And Raven

CharlesNewYork said...

thanks for pointing out my typo flabby. I was wrong you are good for something lol

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