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Monday, May 11, 2009

Breed Specific Legislation is running rampant across the world, discriminating against responsible dog owners and good dogs.


Anonymous said...

They should tie some of the owners of these dogs up.

These dogs ae great animals, pets and protectors.

FRisson1 said...

Anyone who ever had a Pit in the family or has been exposed to one of these wonderful dogs knows the loving and loyal qualities these sweethearts possess.

I have had three Pit Bulls in the last 20 years, a male and a female. The 3rd Pit was a male puppy that was stolen out of my back yard.

I would have one of these of these sweet, lovable, funny (they are natural comedians) now it wasn't for my my old female Shepard who jumped the fence and gave it up to a developmentally disabled Lab that was three houses away. At six years old she presented me with the 3 dogs from hell ..... lol.

As soon as I can expand my fenced area to support an other dog I will increase my family with a Pit Bull puppy.

FYI both my grandchildren were fortunate enough to have a couple of Pits in the family. Those dogs ears and tails were pulled ... they were used to ride like ponies .... they were willing guests at tea parties (even though they were forced to wear tiaras, hats and ribbons).

These two dogs were regular bed mates with these girls and the male even learned to climb the bunk bed ladder to get in bed with the little girl he loved so much.

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