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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We have just received a complaint that a woman in florida is forcing a dog named m1tank to have sex with her. This is highly illegal and will be investigated. Persons with any knowledge of this crime : please contact --People for the ethical treatment of animals.
Something tells me flabby is a bit tipsy

flalady_1: I read M1s blog today and guess what? He is a much taller man than you are or have ever been and I can't wait to get in his bed
flalady_1: put this on your blog

flalady_1: Do me a favor Chcukie

flalady_1: 'ooops

flalady_1: chiukei

flalady_1: please blog this lol


Anonymous said...

newsflash m1tanks reigned superior on the battlefield and will reign superior against the peanut brains on here.

Yea it takes a lot of brains to chase rats and bugs.



Anonymous said...

You want to make threats on calling peoples jobs fla well tit for tat.

What would Transcor think of an employess mother making threats,stalking people etc etc. Would not be good for him now would it.

Anonymous said...

Trancor America lol
i thought he was a attourney lol

Anonymous said...

I think you meant TRANSCOR America, the largest prisoner transportation company in America.

Check them out here: http://www.transcor.com

Anonymous said...

who are those people on tanker's blog and what do they have to do with his nonsense writing??????

she loves the drama said...

flalady loves the paltalk drama, always has always will!!! Some people have to argue all the time and are not happy if they have nothing to fight about, flabby (as she has been coined by those who have been harrassed by her) is definitely one of those. She has no one but herself to blame for all her paltalk woes.

Anonymous said...

and she said he was an attourney lol

Anonymous said...

lmao she will be sniffing his butt soon lol

Anonymous said...

newsflash m1tanks reigned superior on the battlefield and will reign superior against the peanut brains on here.

Yeah I hear he cleans a Hell of a toliet

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