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Monday, May 4, 2009

President Obama Thanks Flalady_1

Me and Mrs. Obama would like to thank you for all your support. We couldnt have won without people like you.
So we put our hands together to show you how thankful we are.
Congrats on your up coming wedding.
We look forward to your support again in 2012
Could someone PLEASE tell me what the fuck this says
You truely are a Retard tank lol
Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ok chucky boy I'm sorry for leaving you out... stop crying here is a little article just for you...
That's it nothing else to say yet because your a boring not worth talking about screen name so don't think I care as of yet. Your navel lint is all you are.
PS..chucky boy I don't read your blog so get working on the other ways of posting with your skank squad.
Photo Of charles when he was left at the grocery store... happened a lot to him by the way.
Posted by Lover of life at
8:39 AM 0 chatters with something to say


Anonymous said...

LMAO I knew flalady voted for obama lolo

M1 Could you please tryto make more sense thenext time you blog.
Or people will be saying

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hahahahahahhahahahaha,,I read this 6 times and still don't understand it..Charles,guess we aren’t retarded enough to understand tanks ebonics...Maybe all the roach dust he used to prepare for the up coming nuptials got to the little bit of brain cells he had.

Anonymous said...

I bet Flabby is getting all tingly in her yonder regions at the thought of that stud TANK in the marital BED!

I just don't fkn like you two said...

Guess what m1tank and flalady bitch, I just don't fkn like either one of you!! It has nothing to do with being loyal or coersed by charles and his friends. Even if charles and his gang accepted you and liked you--I still wouldn't!!!! Your both pussies who are too dumb even to be manipulative. Oh, you give it one hell of a try but in the end you always embarrass your stupid fuck retarded asses. Most of social issues is laughing at you both. I cannot imagine anyone being jealous of either one of you. Dream on barf-tards.

here is your answers said...

Well it is obvious m1tank has been snorting moth balls and has huffed one can too many of raid. This would explain the poor penmanship and pig latin stylings on his blogsite. As for the old bag flabby--she is just a bored house drunk who never got enough attention from her husband. I'm figuring it went like this , they were married long ago before divorce came in style. He knew after a few months he had made a mistake but she hurried and got pregnant so as to trap him. He thought it over and realized it was cheaper to keep her. So he worked alot just to keep away from her and of course he probably loved his children and he knew the bitch would take him to the cleaners if he tried to divorce her. He more than any of us knows just how envious and spiteful she can be. remember, this guy wakes up every morning to flaladys scorn. I feel sorry for this man and all the years of torture he must have went through. I bet he sits around all day dreaming about the girl he really loved in high school.

zakjan said...

You guys are too much..

Lost in translation said...

I've got to admit I'm a little lost on this.
First he says: "stop crying here is a little article just for you..."
But there's no article, or a link to an article.
Then he goes on to say: "That's it nothing else to say yet because your a boring not worth talking about screen name so don't think I care as of yet."
He just made an effort to talk about you, then he says you're not worth talking about? If you're not worth talking about, why did he just talk about you? (please excuse the redundancy)
Then of course right after he says you're not worth talking about, he has to leave a nonsensical post script proclaiming he doesn't read your blog, but gives advice for you to get working on other ways of posting.
It sounds an awful like he does in fact think you're worth talking about AND he reads your blog

Anonymous said...

Ravenn says, Vile Creatures of the black lagoon.....You know who you are

lol maybe u mean black lung like yours are.

have another cigerette raven

weeeeezz weeezzz

Anonymous said...

raven you said the same thing about kl and cane jim44 and others do you have any true friends

FRisson1 said...


Anonymous said...

flalady did you like getting booted off pal today lol its going to keep happening


Anonymous said...

Still being your nasty self m1tanker?

You low life fake soldier.

Why wont you go after the men?

Seems you only want to take on women
What are you a fuckin pussy

Would you say half the shit you say in social issues to someones face?

You are a PUSSY m1tanker

you sure as hell dont get any pussy

Lets get a room going and have it out NOT under your rules

you have no guts to listen to opposing sides, Or the truth.

Why dont you tell everyone how bad your credit is.

You couldnt buy a noodle if you tried.

Anonymous said...

Tank says on his blog that he gave nuttin money...
Were you trying to buy her friendship like your lover flabbyfuck does Tank? When she refused you,you put it in a public blog?..WHAT A MAN!!! What a FUCKING LOOSER!!!..YOU REALLY HAVE HIT THE BOTTON OF THE BARREL WITH THIS ONE TANK!!!YOU can't physically abuse women on the internet so you slander them instead?..YOU TANK are lower than snail shit!!!!I wouldnt be surprised if this was a big fat lie Tank because you will resort to anything for a womans attention it seems.

Anonymous said...

Tanker can not write. He is not educated. Yes I have noticed he only attacks women. Does he hate women? I wonder how he treats HIS mother since he is so obsessed with Greeneys mom.

What kind of person lends money and then attacks that same person in a blog? Did you argue with your wife through a blog? No-Im sure you used your fists.

Anonymous said...

I would love to live closer to m1 tank i would kick the crap out of him, what a fuckin loser you are you piece of shit

Face a man for a change its been a while since your father beat the shit out of you.

you fuckin rat faced bastard

FRisson1 said...

I don't know if it is true or not, nor do I give a shit.... Nuttin is a great person, an asset to the any room she is in.

But what kind of a person would lend anyone money and then Blabber about it all over a Social Issues blog.

This is the lowest of the low!!! This is unbelievable!!!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed tank's pen name when signing his blog...... Lover of Life... what a crock that is... he's more like hater of life...the man is truly delusional...he needs serious help.

what are friends for said...

oh eric --psssttttt!!! come closer.......in response to your slander of the person known as nuttinhuny on here.....well........ it just turns out eric that i was just layin around relaxing on pal in an average chat room, and guess what eric..........I heard someone on the mic talking about money that YOU OWED!!!!!!! Could it be that our own holier than thou m1tank was begging money on here and promised to pay it back but for whatever reason he did not? hmmmmm........interesting---perhaps you should think long and hard on who came to your rescue once when you needed help? Nuttin is working , she has nothing to be ashamed of. I would write more but I've got to get off here, you see I have an international call to make---oops, wait I don't have enough money --hey eric , can you cover it for me, I'll pay ya back ................lol

Anonymous said...

Flalady had to go to the Doctors the other day (Monday) because she fell while she was drunk and hurt maybe broke her arm.

Poor gal had to drive herself to the office (walk in. Where was that dedicated, caring husband of hers?

Could it be he is fed up with her being drunk everyday?

Anonymous said...

what woman wowuld want to have any kind of relationship with m1tank
I mean look at the pictures ugh he looks like a ditry looking bugger,the dirt is embedded into his skin.

he is just a dirty smelly man.

Anonymous said...

Well Frisson thats how low lifes like m1tank work.

The man is scum a man who beat his wife, she not only left him once, but twice for a younger and definilty better looking man.

He hates women for what she did to him and what his mother did to him, why do you think he lives here and she is over seas, he wants to be as far away from his abuser as he can be.

Anonymous said...

M1 Get off your sexual fantasys about Buck.........he dont go that way.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO M1's mother must have punched him in the head a lot. I just read his blog LMFAO.Does he ever make any sense when he writes?

The guy is a illiterate,stupid fuck.

I would be embarrassed to write even a sentence if i was as uneducated as he is. I can see why the only job he can get is killin rats and bugs.

Anonymous said...

Another thing is Nuttin stays with her kid. Tank ran away and went to work overseas. He didnt care about what that did to his young daughter. Her "father figure" was far away chasing his fantasies.

I wonder how long he will stay stateside this time. I bet it wont be long. He hates responsibility.

Nuttin you should be applauded for working TWO jobs and not slandering people the way TANKETTE does. Im glad your kid doesnt have this type role model around. There are enough abusive men in this world.

One more thing. The root of this whole problem is Tanks jealousy of Charles. Tank knows it.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha flalady is complaining about being booted off pal lol

like i said its going to happen a lot more and in other rooms too lol

Anonymous said...

Adios Dove your getting booted also lmao

Anonymous said...

m1tank is going to be even more jealous take a look at the room list in social issues.

lol way to go charles

Anonymous said...

I heard flalady had to go to the drs because she has damage to her eardrum

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